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    I'm pretty sure someone has mentioned it somewhere already, but my search couldn't come up with any references.

    It is currently very easy to lose your party. The camera is rather zoomed in and with the character movement speed, allows for other players to step out of your screen very fast - in some directions easier than others due to the camera tilt.

    It would be tremendously helpful to have party member markers on the edge of your screen or even on the mini map (this seems to be somewhat supported with quest markers already) to find lost parties easier.

    The current process involves asking for coordinates, then trying to get there. As team play with player cities in the next playtest seems to be even more relevant, I am hoping this feature could make it into the same update. Besides that, I am certain this is a planned feature already. Just hoping for an implementation sooner than later.

    Any thoughts?


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    I agree. It would make tests much better experience since its so easy to lose your party.


    Absolutely, there should be some marker. I think Minimap Marker would be enough, to know where your mates are.
    Because it is sometimes very hard to find them back, just because you walked 10 meters in the wrong direction and did not see, where they was going.
    My Group at the first day of the Open Test was once walking away - or i was running wrong direction, because i picked up a flower - and we just could orientate us on the letter of Whispering Woods.
    It was like "I am over the i and wait here now..." ... "which i?" 😄


    👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍
    This! please & thank you
    Running around killing little things isn't too hard solo, but it's getting to a point where the really fun stuff needs a few people to do. Being able to FIND my peeps is gonna be important 😉

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    Minimap markers would be enough but it would nice if they also added markers on normal map and option to add people to party without having to see them. It would help people to group up. I hope they will add some big monster maybe even a boss which will be unkillable solo.

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    but i like being 1 screen away from my group and feel im lost


    @Szai, you are talking like a real Adventurer 😄

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    Markers on the big map and mini map would be nice.
    I find the cords to be so iffy and sometimes just a pain in the ass.

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    I would agree with that. Mostly due to the slightly rotated map, so it's always some extra thinking

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    Definately. You need to show party members on the minimap.


    Minimap to me is very important in all games I play. Maybe even a way to turn on a waypoint marker that leads you right to a selected party member.

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