What should you do when your guild has two or more Governor Pledges?


    Good day all,

    In the "ALPHA 1 MAP & PLEDGE INTEGRATION" it is stated that, medium to large guilds are able to fit in one town, and smaller guilds should band together in one settlement.

    Going with that, there should be no question, that you should have all of your guild members live in one town.
    But now, what do you do when you have two or more guild members with the Governor or higher Pledge?

    Can you just "build" two towns and have every guildmember bild a house in each one (have one guild occupy the whole map :^) )?

    If not should you split up your guild or only use one town?

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    @Eurav If I recall the housing situation it's one house per account per planet.

    I'm not sure we know enough about the town prestige to understand what it would take for a single group of people to maintain more than one town. A town needs some level of prestige to not decay and that is based on the number and types of buildings it contains, and the contributions of its citizens to civic life.


    @kellewic So in the "FEATURE SPOTLIGHT #7 – TOWNS, GOVERNORS & POLITICS" it says "All the owners of a Governor pledge pack start at the head of a settlement that is already considered a town, even if initially empty. They are given enough time to find players to join their town before it turns into a hamlet"

    Seems like you are forced to have every owner of a Governer Pledge start with governing a town. Now it says it won´t decay until you have enough players to keep it as a town, but I guess when you want to leave the town you can just make it a Free Town and let somebody else get governor (saying this because I guess you can´t just leave a town you are governor of?).

    So would you recommend to:

    • make all towns except one to a Free Town and move over to the one town where the whole guild lives?

    • Or spread the guild out on the various towns (since they won´t decay until you have enough players, maybe mix in some people that are not within your guild)?

    • Or have the guild members live in one town and let the towns of the other governors fill up with non guild members?

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    @eurav Prometheus also stated you can make someone else Governor in this thread

    I don't really have a recommendation since there's not enough information on how hard/easy it would be to manage multiple towns, how many people is enough to keep a town from decaying, and how many is enough to keep it growing.

    Also, I don't think it's ever been specified how much time is "enough time" for the Governors to find people for their towns before they start to decay.

    The guild I'm in has the same situation as we have 3 people so far with Governor packs. We're just waiting for alpha/beta phases to see how much work multiple towns will be and what we should do then so there's plenty of time to figure it out 🙂


    @kellewic Some nice information on that reply, thank you for that. I only found this game yesterday so I have not read most of the Forum, sry 😄 . Prometheus wrote "Also, your name and commemorating statue stay forever.", so I guess you leave your footprint behind, even if the town dacays back to a haunted area, that´s good to know.

    Yeah, I also thought they can´t just wait forever for us to populate the town lol.

    I guess we will have to wait a bit then 😄

    Thank you for your help 🙂


    hi @Eurav In my opinion, the best choice would be this one

    Or spread the guild out on the various towns (since they won´t decay until you have enough players, maybe mix in some people that are not within your guild)?

    And the population of town is also NPC not only players 🙂 NPC come with prestige and make their life in you're town.

    Having at less 3 governors could be interesting in many way : 1 town on each planet, 2 on a planet and one ambassador on Syndesia, 3 on one planet.

    If you look to Myr Map and if you have 3 governors, you could think about many tactics : controlling a zone like Crown Mountains to Hidden Dale or the Shield-Mountains, making a large influence zone from Goblin Hills to Marching Hills or being ambitious with one in Myr Grasslands, one in Hearthwoods and one in Reaching Plains, so many options !
    Some let players traveling fast town to town to help, others not, the placement would be important in term of controlling resources (because of craft and commerce), knowledge acquirement and resting place.



    Yes, I also think that this is the most appealing one, because of the different choices you could make.

    Going with "A town needs several public buildings to be 100% functional, and there are serious benefits in making it as populated as possible", which is stated in the "ALPHA 1 MAP & PLEDGE INTEGRATION", the question becomes, is it worth it?

    If you manage to uphold and get all towns to glory, sure, in the long term having multiple places and resources you can gather should pay off. The correct answer then still depends on how hard it is to keep a town populated, how far you would fall behind to a guild that only has one town, how hardcore the players in your guild are and if the guild actually has enough players to support that.

    Another thing you could do is make one town where everyone gathers, to have a better start, and with time, when the town becomes big enough, you could try to get back your old town (since your name and monument from the governor packet stay, you don´t really loose anything).

  • If your guild is big into PvP, having multiple towns is potentially a huge advantage. You guild member cap is limited by certain bulidings within a town, and by having more towns, you can have a larger guild. The hard parts are recruiting, enticing people to live in those towns, and holding on to your towns.


    @target and having towns in close proximity to each other...


    With enough players (members) you could organize yourself in 2 guilds (possibly name them very similar) and, even though you are "officially" designated as 2 guilds, work together as 1 guild.

    You can have 2 towns, perhaps not too far from each other, and you would still use discord together, and work in game as one guild.

    You would just need to have enough members to pull that off.

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