What elevates Fractured above similar games like Albion Online?


    Was discussing with some friends our first initial impressions of the videos and Kickstarter for Fractured and the general knee jerk reaction was that the game looks and seems to be very similar to Albion online. For others and those who have done more research what does Fractured bring to the table that other similar games have not done or done well?

  • I'm just going to copy and paste another comment I made to someone asking "what is Fractured doing that's new." It's not entirely fitting to Albion vs Fractured, but it's close enough:

    The alignment system is pretty unique, as are the planet and asteroid systems. Skills are unlocked through a sort of achievement system. Resource gathering is pretty interesting; most resources can't fit into your inventory so you have to physically carry them in your hands or with wagons to transport them where they need to be.

    But besides those, it's mostly just combining a lot of existing ideas. Diablo-like combat in an MMO hasn't really been seen (or at least I haven't seen it) especially in a sandbox MMO. The governors and towns are based on Star Wars Galaxies mayors, the skill build system is based on Guild Wars 1. Territory and towns can be conqured and held by guilds and alliances a la Eve. Environmental interactions with elements like freezing or electrifying water or setting things on fire which is similar to what can be done in Divinity Original Sin. The exciting thing to me is that it's taking a lot of ideas I really liked from different games and combining them into one.


    Fractured is almost the exact inverse / opposite of Albion Online.

    • Albion is heavily gear-dependent. Your skills come from your gear and each material is a linear upgrade over the previous in a sequence. Fractured is not; your skills belong to your character, and all materials are equal in power with different stat spreads.
    • Albion has a linear "order of risk" for difficulty regardless of playstyle (e.g. fighter vs. crafter). Low level is no PVP, mid level is semi-PVP, high level is badlands PVP. Fractured has three entirely separate planets with full content at all levels of play for PVE, "lawful" PVP, and badlands PVP. Nobody who prefers one planet will ever "need" to go to another one for basic progression.
    • Albion has a clear gradient of "tier" moving from "starter zones" to tier 8 zones. Fractured does not; relative difficulty of areas will be peppered pseudo-randomly and may change dynamically depending on player activity. Of course, the game does not have strict tiers to begin with.
    • Albion has an explicit gate between all game zones. Fractured has no transitions or loading screens between any game zones, except possibly if you were to move from one planet to another or otherwise teleport.
    • Albion scams you with premium items (e.g. vanity items) that are actual items thus they 1. affect gameplay 2. don't let you pick the stats of one item and the appearance of another and 3. can be lost, stolen, deleted, etc. All Fractured premium items are floating account-wide unlocks that are not items and cannot be lost (as they should be.)
      • In the case of premium furniture, I presume that you must disassemble the furniture back to its crafting mats to move it, and only a premium user has the blueprint to make it again, thus a non-premium character can't pick up a copy and take it.
    • Fractured has no other scammy pay to win features such as personal islands only premium users can purchase or upgrade (and that are necessary for guilds to function.) Cities behave identically for all players with the sole exception that players who purchase a Governor pack will be the Governor of a City at launch.

    So many misconceptions and completely idiotic questions (e.g. "do Governors get a magic give me my town back button if we lose our town???") about Fractured clearly stem from being used to Albion's broken scammy p2w gameplay like a Stockholm Syndrome victim.

    Please check everything you know about Albion at the door; Fractured is unlike it in any way except its camera angle, and God bless that.


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