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    There's going to be a heap of us jumping in for Alpha 1, and I know @Greenfire is busy compiling a list.

    What is everyone going to focus on in their Alpha journey? Is there something you're going to pursue or try to discover? Are you going to spend your time PvPing as much as possible or maybe exploring the different planets?

    I'll be on Arboreus... gathering and crafting and building and praying to be left alone 😛
    So if you need resources from Arboreus, I'm hoping to have a lot spare to trade 😉

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    Make people cry and steal all their shit.


    I intend to try out as many game mechanics as I can, and am hoping for regular wipes. At one point they said it would likely be restricted to one race at a time, starting with humans, though that could be just the pre-alpha testing. I think for testing purposes though, it's really a good idea to see how many of us there are, and try to have as many of us working together as possible, checking out how the different races work with the different alignments against each other, ensuring that there is balanced gameplay for all once the game opens up. I'll be trying to find out if there is anything that is grossly exploitable, anything broken, and making suggestions on what tweaks need to be made. I also intend to track what I learn along the way for my guildmates once they join, at the moment, there's only a few of us in alpha 1 though that may change after we get more info in the upcoming and missing spotlights.

    They mentioned they MAY be adding in the ability to respec incase someone gimps their toon. If this is the case and they don't intend to wipe often in alpha, then I'm hoping they do allow respecs at least during the testing phase so that we can make SURE that everything is working as intended.


    I want to find anything that doesn't work the way it should.


    it's a test. best case it's up 24/7 worst it's up when they need testing done.


    God I wish that were me lmao.

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    See it like @Greenfire 🙂 Thats also, what an alpha is made for 😉 Of course some PvP is also part of testing the game, but most of the time we should spend for finding some bugs, skripts that don't work e.g. and report them.
    So travelling, gathering and fighting will be the most work, I think 🙂

    Anyway, I think you will all do well, I am still not sure if I can join your group in the Alpha, my financial situation is not that good at the moment 😵
    But let's see 😄 Still 28 days 🙂

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    Darn, starting from alpha phase 2. Well, considering going in for the long haul won't be very effective, I'd focus on experiencing tons of mechanics the game has to offer. I'm expecting this to be x all the y: Kill all the demons! Chop all the tree! Build all the houses!

    I used to be in a steamgroup that was centered on breaking games. The more breakage, the more points. Maybe I'll be able to set some records 😄


    Not sure yet what's going to be possible in Alpha One.

    My first having-fun goal is to head to Tartaros and run around as a Hellfire demon getting into fights with people, and probably dying a lot. I plan to PvP in fractured, but I do not expect to be successful at PvP. 🙂

    My first actually-testing goal is to see how much my New Zealand latency impacts on gameplay so I can give some meaningful feedback to Dynamite. I hope that a single shard for everyone will be viable in terms of latency because I want a maximally populated server. But if latency tanks PvP then that won't be viable and regional servers may be necessary. Time and testing will tell.


    Tartaros and Demons might not be testable in Alpha.


    I want to see what exploring is like on Arbo

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    I'll wander, trying to do what I can try, seeing if everything works or not ^^

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    I'll work on what I do for any Alpha game... See how much stuff I can break 😏


    @jetah said in Extension of: Alpha 1 Please Line Up!:

    Tartaros and Demons might not be testable in Alpha.

    Yeah, I know. But there's some demo footage of demon combat in the kick starter, so I'm hopeful. 🙂


    Figure out most effective ways to grow, farm, most efficient builds /combinations etc.

    Collect a tear here and there

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