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    Hi everyone. Want to ask if it will be p2w or money will be use just for skins , accesories , mounts etc ?


    @theseeker What's Fractured's payment model?
    It's still way too early to give a release date. Fractured will be buy to play (€30) with an optional VIP subscription (€10/month) and a cash shop, selling cosmetics only. No lootboxes.


    Just letting you know. There are post asking this exact quest as it’s asked weekly.

    Use the search bar!


    @jetah I have been around in alot of alphas ... and the newer generations of gamers are just to spoiled.

    Search functions generally don't get used or wrongly.
    And it's faster to write 1 sentence down with a vague question, then to search for info.

    It's a problem i seee in trainees at my workplace too ... people got this whole mass of information avaible to them and they can't use it.

    Well i fail sometimes too, but information is a worthfull thing.
    Devs should post a large FAQ everyone needs to read and answer some questions at the end .. before getting an forum acc. xD But then these forums would be quite empty...


    @greenfox there one official FAQ here
    And @Vengu impressive "wiki" work here


    @greenfox Also the devs gave us great informations still and they all are accessible when you do your foundation quests.
    But i bet most people just click them short to get the points instead of reading.
    For this reason we get every day the same questions and it will be more and more with time as more poeple come in.



    I get that.

    But having a written test "i understand what this is" is something i always wish for .. and never get :3.

    I really HATE people that spam the ever constant:
    "WHy nO can PlAy?"
    "Is it P2w!?!"

    And all the other obvious answers one would get through, by typeing a simple search or reading a faq.
    But these kind of people are to lazy xD and to spoiled :3.

    I have seen people ask how they could move in a game, that has a madatory tuturial with that information ahead of it ... they just pushed the fast forward button constantly. Then get stuck and blame the game ... which leads to bad pr.


    Indeed, indeed @Greenfox i feel the same pain, when i see this.

    Btw. thats one of the reasons Devs don‘t want to go early on Steam. And i can understand them very well, because the usual Steamplayer start a game and if not all is presentated on the golden tablet, they vote for a bad game, even they played it not even some hours.


    @kralith So true .... how often do i read "this game sucks!" when they bought into a early acess, of an 3 man studio.

    Something like factorio or rimworld, needed time to grow organically. I can still remember people badmouthing about it for months after the "realese" of early acess.

    Sometimes early acess is a cash grab ... sometimes.
    KS are sometimes a cash grab too.
    I have been around with:
    -Tree of Savior

    and a few others that failed. But i got my worth of fun out of these, before it went downhill.

    • Alot of the early acess titles really became great.

    It's a gamble on a promise of an idea, that will be done if possible.
    People need to get that into their heads ... or wait for the real realese.

    But alot of big companys use Alphas/ Betas and "Early Acess" just as a means to promote their already mostly finished game ... or get away with delteing players stuff or changeing the game in a way that makes it harder or less likeable.

    Welll .. NDA are often only up there, to prevent these "WHY NO PLAY?!" and bad-mouthing guys to spam negative PR.
    No Man Sky wasn't good at launch, but it was by no mean finished ... nor fair to spam that negative PR train.
    But youtubers and bloggers life from that ... it's easyer to rally people if they can have an enemy. As to talking about how great certain things are.


    irl money will only be used for cosmetics and the like

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