Frequently Asked Questions

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    1. How do I play Fractured?
    Fractured is still in development. The pre-alpha and first alpha wave are scheduled for late 2018.

    2. What's the release date for Fractured?
    It's still way too early to give a release date.

    3. How do I get access to the pre-alpha, alpha and beta?
    You can earn a pre-alpha key through the Foundation. Alpha and beta keys for the testing phases after the pre-alpha can be bought through the upcoming Kickstarter.

    4. When does the Kickstarter start?
    The Kickstarter will start in June.

    5. Can I play Fractured on mobile?
    Fractured is only being developed for the PC.

    6. What's Fractured's payment model?
    It's still way too early to give a release date. Fractured will be buy to play (€30) with an optional VIP subscription (€10/month) and a cash shop, selling cosmetics only. No lootboxes.

    7. What are the system requirements?
    The developers are working to keep Fractured available on mid-range computers and laptops, including those a few years old.

    8. Will Fractured be released in other languages besides English?
    The developers want to offer Fractured in various languages. The developers will prioritize the languages ​​from countries with a strong language barrier first.

    9. Where are the servers going to be located?
    The servers will be located in North America. There will only be one server, connecting everyone through SpatialOS. If European players suffer from latency issues, the developers will consider opening a server in Europe as well. Other regions will depend on whether or not SpatialOS has servers there.

    10. Does Fractured have classes?
    No, Fractured uses a skill building system called the Knowledge System.

    Russian: часто задаваемые вопросы
    German: faq einige dinge-zum start für-jeden neuankömmling
    French: foire aux questions
    Italian: Domande frequenti tradotte


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