Mega Update - Cheaper Packs, Pre-Alpha Keys & More

  • DymStudios - CEO


    Hi everyone!

    It's been barely over a week since we've submitted the pledge packs of our upcoming Kickstarter campaign to the evaluation of the Fractured community. Response has been plentiful and on point - so here we are today with some significant changes to the price and structure of the packs!

    Other than that, we would like to provide you with some clarifications on our VIP membership, which has elicited a negative reaction from a few members of the community.

    Last but not least, The Foundation now features 10 new reward tiers, and you'll be glad to know that winning a pre-alpha key isn't such a burdensome task - not even if you're new to the community!

    On a (not so) side note, we've been suggested by Kickstarter that starting a campaign the week before E3 is not a great idea - fair point. The launch has therefore been postponed to the end of June - exact date to be announced!

    Click here to read the update

    As always, let us hear your feedback loud and clear!

    Enjoy Fractured!


    Freaking outstanding Prometheus. I was really wanting those early bird immortals and you all delivered. That is likely what I'll be getting when it goes live. Bravo.

    To respond to the questions. I think these tiers are very reasonable, especially the early bird ones

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    We’ve decided Foundation Points will not be part of pledge pack rewards – community feedback has been very clear on this.

    This! Great news 🙂

    Mixed feeling about VIP but we'll have to see how it works in game.


    Thanks Prometheus!

    I like the changes you did.
    More clear, more fair and it shows, how Dynamight listen to its Community.

    All changes that was made for the Kickstarter are quite nice.
    ❤ Early Bird addition 😉

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    I think the changes are generally in the right direction.

    Curious to see how much early adoption you get at higher tier packs (say above $300). My previous question still stands in regards to those packs I think which is why the early numbers will be interesting to see.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    great update, going on the right direction. can't wait for the kickstarter.
    definitely want to see some more music and or skills in the game before the kickstarter launch.


    Oh yes @Deity i bet they prepared something since they need some content for the kickstarter page

  • TF#10 - CONSUL



    Do you think prices are now a better fit for the value offered?
    Did the price adjustments change your mind on what pack to buy?

    Prices looks awesome and the Knight (early bird): €150 is more appetizig. Thank you for the adjustments.

    We’ve decided Foundation Points will not be part of pledge pack rewards – community feedback has been very clear on this.

    I'm really happy about it. Thank you.

    The number of free character slots is now 3 instead of 2.

    I was hoping for more (5-6) but it's fine if we'll be allowed to buy more slots from the cash shop.

    “Reserve unique character name” reward added to the Patron pack.
    “Reserve guild name” reward added to the Knight pack.

    Thank you that will help us to avoid morons. Any chance to lock names (as feature/option) via Cash Shop for those who will not buy a bundle from KS?

    Design your custom, unique Guild Crest - A reward from €1,000 ARISTOCRAT

    Any chance to get it as a feature/option from the cash shop? Have you decided something?


    Fractured characters are already competitive from day 1 – it’s part of what makes Fractured and its Knowledge System so unique. The core of progression afterwards consists of completing tasks requiring you to travel and perform a wide range of exploration– and experimentation-related activities. The VIP subscription has nothing to do with this, since it only impacts the passive “studying phase” that kicks in once the tasks have been completed and the ability inscribed on a book.
    That being said, learning all the abilities in the game with a character is a meaningful objective only for a “completionist” – the kind of player who benefits the most from the KP and slots bonuses of the VIP subscription. If you want to play competitively, your aim is to learn the abilities that fit with the stat distribution of your character and have access to as many different resources as possible – the latter being crucial for competitive guilds too. The VIP subscription makes the former slightly faster and has no relation with the latter, therefore providing no real advantage in the competitive scene of Fractured.

    Thank you for your explanation. Pay to Boost is fine but the most competitive players will feel forced to use it.


    Since we’ve introduced the chance to win a pre-alpha key through The Foundation, we’ve received a lot of questions regarding selection criteria and how many players will be accepted.
    Our initial plan was to make the key a reward for reaching a specific level in The Foundation. However, we quickly realized that was not a smart move, since it would make it hard to control how many players get the key – and we’re not yet sure ourselves how many we need for the pre-alpha testing! Moreover, it could discourage new community members who might feel they have no chance to reach the target.
    As a result, here’s a full clarification on the matter. The key will be awarded to:

    • Players who rank highest in The Foundation. We can’t tell how many exactly – let’s say if you are in the TOP 100, you can be quite sure it will be yours.
    • Players who have won one or more drawings, disregarding whether they are in the TOP X or not. The more you’ve won, the more likely it is, but even one is enough to have chance!
    • …and nope, you can’t win a key twice. If you’ve won one for being in the TOP X, you won’t get another one for being a drawing winner 😉

    Thanks for this too. I think this is a better choice and some people will feel better instead trying to rush levels in The foundation. Givin' a chance also to those joining weekly drawing it's awesome.

    Thank you so much for your work. Keep going and we can not wait for the nextspotligh 😉


    i seen the new prices, little disappointed, the low tier are the one i think most wanted lower. the 100 euro and lower... founder especially.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Nice change for the kickstarter (maybe it's better if everything is free :3 ). Just a question, when you say "you get one out of 8 possible skins" ? Does it mean, when you open a chest, you have the choice between 8 different skins ? (maybe my translation is wrong ^^ )


    owwwwww ,quidimaix



    It probably means that when you open the chest, you'll get one random skin out of those 8, so there's a 1/8 chance you'll get the one you want.

  • DymStudios - CEO

    @esher said in Mega Update - Cheaper Packs, Pre-Alpha Keys & More:

    Just a question, when you say "you get one out of 8 possible skins" ? Does it mean, when you open a chest, you have the choice between 8 different skins ? (maybe my translation is wrong ^^

    You get a random one among the 8 possible. If you open another chest of the same type you won't get the same skin again 🙂

  • A+ for the communication, good job on the rework of Pledges too.
    If you go on the road to show some strong consistency and feautures in your game im feeling that i will back higher but is still to be defined, probably if i will choose my path based on the vibe in PreAlpha..

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    The changes are in the right direction for me, the KS, the Foundation and the pre-alpha access 👍 Keep up the good work 👍


    Do you think prices are now a better fit for the value offered?

    Seem now way better to me 🙂

    Did the price adjustments change your mind on what pack to buy?

    I Have changed my mind 🙂 I was going for Knight, but now gonna try to get one of the immortal early bird pack 🙂

    Thx for the vip update, i'm sure it will help clarify it for people who didn't liked it at first 🙂

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    It's honestly astonishing how well you guys listened to the community on this.

    In just one week you've taken in all our concerns and adjusted prices, values, and rewards. Well done.


    Can only commit to the game with my friends if I know South-South East Asia/Oceania players will get decent if not good ping ingame i.e., like 100-150ish which is highly unlikely with servers in NA. I know it sounds wierd/selfish/whatever but we have suffered in other games already and do not want to repeat the same again with any other game.
    Other than that I hope the very best for this game and wish I can play it with my friends without any problems.


    @coolburn I completely agree, there are so many games I would love to play that don't implement servers for oceania/Australia.


    Looking Good!

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