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    Given what we know about the demon race, the wording of their description opens up a few possibilities. You can read the full descriptions here.

    "Banished to the hostile and resource-deprived planet created for them after the Fracture, Tartaros, demons are by nature a bloodthirsty race with a naturally evil alignment. The structure of their bodies may resemble that of humans, but they’re usually taller, physically stronger, and fitted with a huge pair of horns coming in a million different shapes – although, it has to be said, their appearance may change a lot depending on their family."

    In reading through the race and class summaries, the demons are described as being naturally inclined towards an evil nature. Do any of you think this leaves the opportunity for some demons to have more of a grey/light-sided perspective on the game world? Could there be inter-racial tensions, with different/varying alignments across all of the races? Personally, I would enjoy a twist on the typically 'evil' characters, a vampire who doesn't necessarily feed on humans and of course, the option to play humans who are themselves entirely complex and capable of terrible things.



    hi @Malyvern , demon could become angel after working on his karma.

    To know more about races and alignement you go here ro read Spotlight #5 and #6 in particular.
    there articles are all information you need ^^


    The planet Tartaros has a corrupting influence, so all demons who live there are forced to be Evil. They can travel to Syndesia in order to gain karma and become Neutral, but they can't spend a lot of time there. And as @Gofrit said, demons can turn into angels by completing a special Divine Quest. After doing so, they're exiled from Tartaros.

    Don't forget that, even though demons are Evil, they can still choose between Lawful/Chaotic/Neutral, so there's going to be variety, such as a Lawful Evil demon who is brutal to his enemies but forgiving to those who don't oppose him, compared to a Chaotic Evil demon that just murders anyone that looks at him funny.

  • @nelchael said in Races and Alignment:

    Don't forget that, even though demons are Evil, they can still choose between Lawful/Chaotic/Neutral

    Those are just for roleplay, there won't be gameplay mechanics based around it.



    OP asked about the demons' perspective on the world, I don't think it's even possible to build gameplay mechanics around that. It's up to the players to decide these things for their characters.


    @nelchael gameplay mechanics could be to start as close to neutral as possible. i'm not sure if anything else can be done.

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    Thank you for the responses.

    I wasn't aware of the karma system in the game at the time I made this post. I'm really glad this is a part of the game. Having discovered Fractured recently, I'm very impressed so far by the direction the developers appear to be taking with it.

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    Here's a related question: Will we be allowed to have multiple characters to full use this system? Most MMO's do, but I've seen a few that don't.

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    @dawnstar14 Yes, you will have more than one character slot.

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    Cool, thanks

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