Paying gold to craft in our own workshops is not enjoyable.

  • Pretty early on it was learned that it will cost gold to craft in our private workshops. This was a BIG disappointment for me and everyone I am playing with. It takes so long to gather and refine what is needed in the first place that spending time farming the gold to craft it makes it a very large chore. This causes a few problems:

    1. Smaller groups and guilds are not able to get crafting to a sustainable point and are left with a much larger workload per person than a big zergy guild. Example: crafting a fire staff costs gems that need to be refined for gold. These gems are not guaranteed farmable or dropped. They aren't "rare," but they are a time consuming resource we cannot control. So many gems are needed to craft the staves that, conservatively, it costs 2600 gold to craft them if you get 4 fine gems. This multiplied by the experience to level them up feels like a daunting task.

    If later on the gold cost and time becomes more trivial, why does it even exist? Why is there such a huge bar to reach that point? Why is it only punishing newer, less experienced player?

    1. If someone's answer is to "just use the auction house to buy what you need," I have something to say about that, too. It is often suggested when you need something to go to the auction house. If I want these items, they may be readily available. This is great in a pinch, but I feel should only be really required for rare resources, or shortcuts. I.E. I can play long enough to farm gold, but not refine the resources and I have to choose how to spend my limited daily time. Solely using the auction house or suggesting this as an alternative misses the point. A huge part of the game is cut out of the equation. I don't need a forge and smeltery, I need a chest to store my gold and I never use the crafting system.

    2. I will keep this as the last one because it is getting long-winded. Gold for heroic and valiant rewards needs to be eliminated or greatly increased. This lottery of 70 gold or 5k+ gold (if you get an orb) feels awful. Not only do we not feel rewarded, it feels like we are cheated by RNG. They are pretty infrequent, mostly due to the limited time I have to play. On top of that, when I get one, I feel a great disappointment when I get the gold "reward." If it is going to be a lottery system, the rewards must be balanced, or we need some control over what we get. Do you need gold? choose the gold reward and earn 1k - 3k at random. Need an Orb? Choose the orb option and have a chance at receiving a full orb of a random class. There could be a sub reward that gives an "orb piece" or something like that. 10 of those failed orb attempts and you can trade or craft them into a random orb. Even the worst gatcha systems understand this principle.

    I hope others understand where I am coming from and can relate to this post. I really want to give meaningful feedback and I am not just trying to make the game easier. The items listed above truly suck the fun out of the game and are a reason I feel a lot of people aren't sticking around and telling other gamers to join.


    @cptsaveaho More importantly now is Crafting set as Everyone can do everything. And it is one big mistake. I myself dont like to pay for crafting when need to sell it underprice after it.

    At first we need first to wait for Techs Update to see what it will bring for changes in crafting.

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    Crafting is meant to be possible for everyone, but it's supposed to take more effort for solos and smaller guilds.

    That's the primary incentive to building your friends/town/guild up. Solos can do everything, but need to grind to keep up with others and they are more encouraged to specialize in just a couple crafts.

    Gold is really fairly easy to farm and yhus quite plentiful, hence why the goldmines while crafting.

    As to divine rewards, the lottery/sweepstakes feel is intended, with Grand Prizes like Orbs, and consolation prizes like gold.

  • I have limited experience with the current system; however, I'm not finding it frustrating because I'm not in a hurry to get anywhere. I can see how it would be infurry-ating if someone was trying to catch up with friends.

    I've found about five divine rewards right now - 3 were gold and 2 were dust.

    I probably will just wait until I get what I need from crafting or RNG.
    I don't care to spend money on the auction house.


    I'm in agreement with most of the points here. I am having fun playing but some of the gameplay choices are not ideal. For me the biggest thing I want to see is the ability to have a second plot, or introducing some bigger plots. We don't even have our backer rewards for some of those buildings and if we're being honest, they're not going to fit well on a 4x4 or even a 5x5 if the person wants to do anything with crafting.


    I dont understand why when the city is set to everyone Citizens of the city have to be Trusted Citizens to access the resources. We DESPERATTELY need more granulated permissions.

    Crafting used to be a "special" kinda thing. T2 was rightfully gated behind recipes. Now, anyone can craft anything at anytime which only leads to the market being flooded with garbage. recipes are a sad joke now and useless until someone has leveled up significantly to make having that "boost" worthwhile

    No point in having dedicated crafters because, again, garbage.


    @Esoba I don't see how they could implement a "Palace" on a 5x5, let alone a 4x4 outside of town. They would need to implement "stories" if anything, allowing the ground floor to be a place for outdoor shops and the other floors for whatever else.


    The crafting system is much better than it used to be. In early beta's you had to own the right recipe which made it almost impossible to get the set unless you were part of a big guild/town who could farm the big mob camps or purchase out right the recipes.

    Now anyone can make Tier 2 gear, the cost is essence and gold. I thinking crafting has reached the point that crafting is for personal use, as intended.

    Set up location at a town, use bank for gold and material storage
    Farm grokos/goblins camps
    Farm human bandit camps
    When have about 4K gold, build house (2x2 is easiest to make in terms of materials)
    Get a forge (inside house), smeltery outside house
    Farm harder camps with guild or friends
    Build distillery, essence extractor
    farm crystal mats
    Make t2 gear (by the time you have all the mats gold isn't an issue).

    Use the wiki, and to help as guide to stations and imbue/enchants


    That is EXACTLY why crafting sucks. Literally anyone can flood the market with garbage. No skill, no time investment, nothing. Its like kindergarten where everyone got a ribbon even if they came in last. Teaches nothing

  • @DarthJafo Yeah, I wish it was more like mortal 2. The more you crafted, the better the quality got. Not a random chance at SLIGHTLY better item. Crafting doesn't feel like it means anything. I am hoping they implement a more granular system, so we can be experts by crafting, not putting gold into nothing.

    With limited time to play, I have to choose gold or crafting, for the most part. Either one feels like it ends in nothing in particular.

  • @Vialli Thank you for the advice. I actually have quite the crafting setup with some guild members. It just feels very superficial to have the gold cost. It is in no way benefitting the item itself. If it is also not an issue later on. Why would it be there. It is just a time block for early gaming and in no way fits in the games system. Crafting with an NPC, sure, a fee makes sense. Farming mats, trying to level up crafting, making your own things, etc. should be free. I cannot see a reason or benefit behind the monetary aspect.


    Pay your taxes goyim

  • @cptsaveaho just makes the price of end product more expensive,and meses with the economy

  • @Esoba I think there are plans for larger plots outside cities, but a second plot is probably not going to happen. That being said, there has been many requests to be able to move your plot. I don't know the status of that, but I doubt you will get a second plot.

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