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    I Dont know wich forum mods are active anymore so ill just ping one. If another sees please can you deal with this

    @Arcahem , will you contact the developers and get them to to use the Developers forum, we have paid for.

    Iv tried contacting them for the last 15 days, vire the developer forums to get them speaking again

    As a kickstarter backer we paid for special access to this section, it has not been posted in in over a year,

    This is really not good enough.

    And gamico if you are managing the fractured team you should give them a swift kick up the backside, because them not fulfillng deals they made with the original backers, also shines a bad light on you as a company.

    Somone needs to sort this and get things back on the right track please

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    The Dev forum was probably discontinued for lack of utilization right after the Kickstarter ended.

    If such a perk goes unutilized, it makes sense to discontinue its use.

    I also checked with kicjstarter, and such Rewards can be freely discontinued not every reward level item is guaranteed (or any, for that matter) by kickstarters policies. Some development goals and strategies may change during the lifespan of a project that make certain elements no longer feasible.

    Case in point: one of the backing levels,allowed for bonus memory slots when memory was based on Int. Now that such slots are static at 15 for everyone, that perk was removed.

    In general the Devs have been attempting to stick to their goals, but if nobody was logging into the Dev forum, I don't blame them for discontinuing posting to it.


    @GamerSeuss you would be right, if players were not still using it, they are, people have been posting in it for over a year with no response of the 70ish threads about 8 have been made by devs, most at the start of kickstarter, people have been posting asking questions using it and waiting on replies.

    So you can blame them now for dropping it.

    Although i doubt you will

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    How old are the unanswered threads?

    Just trying to track the issue


    @GamerSeuss Aug 21, 2021, 1:26 PM was the last time a mod posted, that same thread has been posted in this year saying they have been waiting for 5 months for a reply, spector messaged @Prometheus multiple times about the thread to get an answer to no avail.

    He gave up the person who made the thread is still waiting and posting as are many others, spector dosent reply anymore and neither do any of the developers, probably ... people are still trying and are using the backers forums, the devs just dont care.

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    @Xzoviac well, Spectra isn't CM anymore, so don't expect any responses there.

    Also, if these posts are from 2021 and the kickstarter ended a couple years before, the questions may have come up in the Dev forum after it was already abandoned as a failed endeavor.

    I don't know for sure, but that tracks. Who's to say?

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    @GamerSeuss you can't say, it isn't used and for that reason they don't need it anymore.
    It was used and there was questions and communication attempts by the backer, but very less response by the Studio, as @Xzoviac described it.
    Just because the Studio could not care enough of this forum, does not mean it is not desired.
    Many old Backer just gave up on it, because of the lack of response.
    So you can't blame the community for that.

    Would be a bit like, if a bakery don't open their doors and people can't come in to buy the fresh baked breads and bagels. They will maybe stand one or two days in front of locked doors but at the third one they won't come back. Then the Bakersman realize after a week, that he didn't sold anything and close his shop for the reason that nobody wants his yummy pastries.


    And you cant just abandon stuff and let it quietly fade in to the night, you need communication, talking to the backers that paid for this service.

    If it was failed and discontinued why is the forum section still up and useable?
    It's not because the devs consider it a unwanted backer perk,
    they dont even care enough to finsh it off and give us an official statment or any acknowledgement.

    All it It shows is that devs do not care about its original backers.

    There is no way to frame it nicely, its making the fractured team look bad.

    They use to care enough to post, now they dont


    @Xzoviac true, its one of many promises that was given and now just broken.
    to count some:

    1. no grind - game full of grind, non stop grind, for every small thing.
    2. game would allow all playstyles - solo gaming isn't viable at all, game centralized around cities, without a city a player is blocked from essentially all gear.
    3. the game will have exploration - any time you get tired or K.O. your forced to go back to an home or city, so can't explore new places and new monsters.


    @grofire on top of them reselling waterd down kickstarter permanent VIP for cheaper, to try and make extra money, when it was supposed to be limited time offer/deal, if i would have known they would resell it i would have waited, and likely never backed.


    are the developer forums going to get used again - be nice if we got some changes/response around here


    @spoletta are you able to get the developers forums active again the devs posting sneak peaks and bits of preview info like they used to please?

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    I don't really have much access to dev stuff, but if in the future this changes then I could probably do this.


    @spoletta maybe you can convince @Prometheus to give you access to dev info so the original pleges can be honored (developer access is also still being sold on the website) so any new backers sre really going to be disappointed if they purchase the most expensive package, just to get one of the perks they and we paid for to be something thats getting ignored


    Another 20 days has gone, in the developers forum with no replying, its really crazy you still advertise this as part of the 300euro eternal package, @Prometheus please sort this out


    @Xzoviac they [Dynamight] are busy preparing another test and reworking basically the entirety of the game. its been like 2 years, you can wait another month or two... js 🤷‍♂️


    The developers forum has finally been posted in again, fingers crossed this is a sign of things to come ❤ im so relieved dynamic is turning over a new leaf.


    The dev forums is back to being inactive, has the lone mod that was trying gone now too?

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    I'm still around 😉
    Just a bit busy with the test and the wiki at the moment.
    Also, the devs spoiled so much that I don't exactly know what else I could spoil here 🤔

    But maybe I can think of something...

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