No steam key??


    I've just seen in some posts kickstarter players are not receiving steam keys. What a bunch of fucking bullshit!!!! We were told when we bought this game we would get one. Why the hell are we not getting one?

  • Kickstarter or founder pack pre-steam. it is bullshit. Trash business practice. We need all the kickstarters to get back here and make their voices heard.


    @Farlander said in No steam key??:

    (...)We were told when we bought this game we would get one(...)

    Do you remember where? I thought I'd have remembered the same, but couldn't find the statement, neither on the KS page, nor as a forum post by Prometheus.
    And I agree, first game I ever purchased that didn't offer free Steam keys to people who bought in early, somewhat... sad.


    Guys, what are you, I'm a kickstarter participant, I have access through the glyph. So in fact I have a game, and the fact that it is temporarily not given to you in the steam is ridiculous, well, like a common, it was written in the kickstarter that you would get the game in the steam? I am getting more and more upset about how people of our time can think and analyze information
    So you got the game in a glyph, and if you get the key to the steam, then you can resell it, of course the studio does not want that.

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    @muker i think it is more for being able to push some more positive Steam-Feedback.
    I know other games where you get a key from devs to participate a Beta in Steam and being able to do reviews. But well, I don't know the policy of Steam in this specific thing.
    As I understood, you still need to make a Glyph account, even you enter over steam.
    Also, if I understand Steam right, there are possibilities to connect a game with a steam account, so no selling possible, if you need an already existing game access.

    However, the Reviews on steam are devastating.
    But what should I say? We told them so since 2017?
    Yeah we told them!


    After searching through every post on the kickstarter and here I see no actual reply from the DEVs to this particular question to the positive. However, every time they were asked this question they seemed to have dodged it without saying yes but never saying no. In each instance it was implied we were getting one. I feel deceived so yes I'm pissed.


    You know what is also amazing the amount of people "mistakenly" expecting their steam key. It's all over the kickstarter page, their facebook page and here. Tons of people asking where their key is. Why is that? Maybe because people were lead to believe they were getting one.

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    Steam right now is early access to Closed Beta. A Steam Ky would be a Kickstarter perk, and those perks are not set to kick in until actual release. The only perks that people get before release are like Forum Titles, Credits in the Store (but what you buy isn't in game yet) and Alpha/Beta access through the Devs. If they make Steam keys available, they will probably not be until full release in Winter, so 4-6 months from now.

    Also, no-where do I either remember or see anything about Steam Keys being offered. The most I remember hearing is that the game would be playable/purchasable via steam when it went live. It's not even live, and as Steam charges devs to give out Steam Keys, its understandable that they wouldn't want to take away from their development budget to provide keys they never promised.


    @GamerSeuss said in No steam key??:

    (...)Steam charges devs to give out Steam Keys(...)

    Could you provide a link to this claim/information? As far as I am aware, this feature is free of charge.
    The very opposite is true in my humble opinion/experience, by providing some of your customers early dev keys, you can ensure a solid and flawless launch on Steam (leading to positive Steam reviews and hence more purchases upon launching early access).


    Kickstarter lot have been abandoned, our packages where resold, the Permanent VIP was resold (and probably will be again)
    they moved company and forced everyone to migrate and use the Glyph launcher then changed to steam and did not give us a way to migrate.
    the Developers Discord has not been posted in by any staff for over a year, and the Kickstarter higher backers paid for this "Privilege" I couldn't find the last time an actual developer posted.

    I can cope with the game having bugs and not being finished and even crawling to the point it will be enjoyable.
    but the lack of communication and the out right shitting on the original backers over and over again is just a disgrace.

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    @Xzoviac we are still all on Glyph, even the ones on Steam.
    Steam just launches Glyph.

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