Player spawn locations during pvp combat is a big issue.

  • I've been in a scenario where I fought 1vX against blues and won the initial fight (getting no loot because they only dropped bandages and herbls because blues and neuts dont drop gear wtf). These players immediately spawned in the nearest town and ran 5 minutes back to me.

    One of them stayed on me auto attacking to stop my horse being drawn and escaping after having fairly won the fight the first two times whilst his friends constantly kept respawning and throwing themselves at me over and over with the same gear because they never lose it!.

    I won the fight ten times over before they beat me through ATTRITION but ultimately I'm punished because the blue players have unfair advantages against reds allowing them to have infinite lives in a fight by just riding back to the location they died at and re-engaging without consequence.

    Why can a blue player spawn in a red town?

    Why do blue and neutral players keep their equipped items?

    At this point in the game there are two pve planets/races. PVP in human world is not going to work. you might as well remove PVP if these issues are not going to be fixed.

  • I don't know why would you PvP/ambush people by towns in the first place?
    I'm pretty sure that fighting and ganking like that would get you dough if you did it to people that are looting/farming that have been away from towns. I sometimes carry 2-4k when farming before i head to town, so if you fkd me you would gain some cash.

    Other than that - Yeah, I do somewhat agree. I think blues should definitely lose at least 50% of their stuff because it will be too easy to prevent loses for them.

    Lets say a team of blues is coming back with a lot of valuable loot - they load it on to 1 character and defend it with all they got sacrificing themselves on ambush - they lose nothing and the one with all the loot escapes.


    Dev's should look into this.

    Maybe put a timer on each piece of equipment you want to keep and if you want to immediately jump back in battle you have to destroy the gear you are wearing?

    Or make so that if a blue get killed twice in 20 minutes drop his gear?

    Or whatever. Right now, red clans wont stand a chance against blue clans in wars. Lemmings are not good for this kind of games.

    Anyway it's still a beta and I am sure they will come up with something. Probably protections against red and viable pk play style are things that will be balanced along the way.

  • I Do agree in one thing - I think the game was meant to be like albion in the way where the Worlds represent -
    Blue zone, red zone and black zone. But the red zone (human world) is completely incorrect


    @Contucky no your wrong, this game wasn't design like albion, since that game is a failure.
    This game meant to bring 3 different planets, that will satisfy 3 different playstyles, all planet should have endgame content.
    This game do not use the stupid saying "risk vs reward", well atlist not in the way albion mean it...
    The beast planet will have same high end content and items with 0 pvp.


    Woah! the griefer got ganked??


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    PvP is Allowed on Syndesia, but it is 100% meant to be heavily at a disadvantage, by DESIGN.

    If you want to set up PvP ambushes near towns, expect people to do the quick reinforcement option. It only makes sense. What doesn't make sense is setting up a Ganking Ambush near a populated area where the 'peasants' can rise up against you.

    This is not, and never was meant to be, a full loot PvP playstyle only game. When you go to PvP on Syndesia, expect a huge challenge. For the most part, Syndesians are free to be PvE. Only those who truly want to engage in the PvP system should have to worry about PvP as more than an occasional inconvenience.

  • @GamerSeuss

    It is clear from your reply that you are fairly ignorant of the scenario I encountered and described in my post.

    I engaged in a 1v6+ and beat them repeatadly maybe even upto 10x each but because of the way the games mechanics do not punish blues and neutrals I was doomed from the start since they could instantly respawn with full gear and mount and ride 2 minutes to my location and re-enter the fight.

    Every location is within 3-5 minutes ride of a city so saying not to play near "populated area" is just outright ignorant of the games mechanics and what pvpers experience in this game.

    Heres some advice to you: If you have a problem with pvp then stop playing until the beastmen faction and planet is added to the game.

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    @deltus You seem to have mistaken Syndesia for the PvP planet.

    The real answer is, if you have a problem with things being stacked against the PvPer, stop playing until Tartarus comes out.

    Every place on the map is not 2-3 minutes from a town. The distances are further than that, and there are obsticles that slow people down in places. For instance, the Vale of Shadows is much more than 2-3 minutes from a town.

    Just expect to be at a disadvantage. You should be beating them players once, then running away, if you intend to be a PvPer, not sticking around and keeping up the fight. As has been said before, running away is very easy in Fractured, so if you must, jump on your horse and get out after doing a couple kills. That's what your gonna get if you attack Blues, as otherwise, mostly, your getting Bandages anyway. Why whine about it, just know that Syndesia is not meant for your playstyle, and wait for Tartarus if you want more PvP fun than that.

  • @GamerSeuss It is clear that Syndesia is mistakenly being developed into the pve planet when it should be a balance of the two.

    If you have a problem with the majority of players wanting more pvp in Syndesia , stop playing until the durry planet comes out.

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    but the PvPers are in the minority.

    Syndesia is not supposed to be balanced between PvP and PvE, it is just supposed to be possible for both, but it is supposed to be 'safer' for PvEers and be a real challenge for PvPers. That has always been the developmental goal as I understand it for Syndesia. It was never meant to be a PvPers playground, or even balanced (which isn't possible) it is just supposed to allow PvP at a steep disadvantage.


    @GamerSeuss said in Player spawn locations during pvp combat is a big issue.:

    but the PvPers are in the minority.

    Syndesia is not supposed to be balanced between PvP and PvE, it is just supposed to be possible for both, but it is supposed to be 'safer' for PvEers and be a real challenge for PvPers. That has always been the developmental goal as I understand it for Syndesia. It was never meant to be a PvPers playground, or even balanced (which isn't possible) it is just supposed to allow PvP at a steep disadvantage.

    This is how I have understood it as well that it has been a design choice from the beginning that PvP can happen in Syndesia but it will be considerably restricted.

    Perhaps the final form of PvP rules are still molding, and we have to wait and see where it eventually stops but perhaps this happens after Arboreus and Tartaros are implemented.

    At the moment PvP oriented players should adapt to the situation, do not do random PKing if you are not ready to take the penalty. Go for ganking to PvE hotspots where players are farming gold and/or valueable resources. Additionally, reds can always freely kill other reds but it is weird that this is not seen ever as an option. Anyhow, with next expansion there will be Asteroids implemented which are PvP end game content and therefore, planned for all those who are interested such content.

  • Isn't it obvious by now the pvpers here don't want to fight other pvpers, they'd rather just fight people who aren't as good as them and take their stuff. They don't want a challenge.

  • "after having fairly won the fight" - Let's go ahead and use the word 'murder' instead of fight, it's much more accurate.
    "and re-engaging without consequence" - Why should a blue have a consequence to being murdered?

    In closing, cry moar nub.

  • @GamerSeuss You seem to have mistaken Syndesia as the PvE planet Arboreus come soon, your wrong about everything you said.

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    @diabalo12 Do, Syndesia has been advertised from the beginning as the Mixed PvE/PvP world, with PvP supposed to be at an extreme disadvantage so as to discourage PvPers from attacking PvEers. That was clear from the very first advertisement of the game.

    PvP is possible, but on Syndesia, it is supposed to be mostly between PvPers, and not force PvEers to participate, or overly risk too much PvP. Some small risk of PvP is out there, but the PvEer is supposed to be at an advantage to compensate.


    @deltus lmfao based


    When you die in pvp regardless of alignment you should encounter some sort of longer respawn/res sickness that makes you unable to fight for 5mins probably. But if it takes someone 5 mins to run you that’s on you.. if you can’t get away in 5 mins then you’re doing something wrong.

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