What am i suppose to do after the tutorial?


    I might sound silly, But did i miss something?, It just sent me to the new area and gave me a timer on being new... No direction at all...Reading around the forum i honestly seem like im the only one that asked this question lol....



    @BrokenQuad you can be, and do what ever you want.
    the game is sandbox, so there is no quest to point you.

  • This game is what is known as a "sandbox" game, which in short means the game is what you make it.

    For example, I personally went and got a few necessary items, such as bandages and gear, and then made my way to a local play driven town. At present I am just chilling in that town slowly developing my character and selling items to those people via their market place.

    I'm tempted to buy a plot of land near them, but for the moment I'm just living inside their Inn and using the bank. I'm living like a bit of a nomad right now.

    Basically, the game is what you make it. You could always ask people in chat if they want to team up and go on some adventures etc.

    Hope this helps.


    @grofire but something like at least to tell me what my goals are, sure i understand the basics of hunter/gatherer, but not what to do, to aim for or how to do certain things to advance , I suppose those are rolled up somewhere else in different questions? Just seems like i should understand more at this point.


    @Kazzier how did you know what to do to get to the point you knew your goals to do such as get a plot of land go to a player town etc?


    @BrokenQuad explore the world, and try to find what you can do with your items.

  • @BrokenQuad

    I just explored and went "you know, I kinda fancy doing this...." and then did it.

    I think your issue might be that you are used to games holding your hand and telling you how you should be having fun, rather than you simply doing the activity that you enjoy.
    Just try and chill out and explore, make friends etc and the rest will fall into place.


    @Kazzier You are probaly right, Just never played a game where you have to figure out the basic game mechanics yourself, i've played other games like this they always give a little something when you first run across stuff like those wagons i'm not sure what they are for, etc


    @grofire gotcha, thanks

  • @BrokenQuad I joined a player city, and guild, and saw a bunch of citizens using carts to unload logs and stone bricks, so, I looked around in my crafting menu and found the Wagon recipe. Took me a few minutes to figure out how to make it, but it wasnt too hard. The next thing you know i'm gathering logs and contributing to the city, it was pretty cool.

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    @BrokenQuad I see your frustration, and as they said, it is a Sandbox, so it doesn't hold your hand as much.

    Even more, Fractured is a Knowledge Driven Sandbox, where they expect you, the player to go out and figure things out. Explore, the #1 answer is explore and try things. Some sandboxes give you more information as you go along, but Fractured is one of those that really wants to incentivize you finding out things for yourself, or in groups. If your stuck, ask someone, but ask for specifics, as in general, the advice is going to be: Go out and find out.

  • Make gold.

    How do you want to do that?
    You can hunt or gather material and sell it, one day. Or you can start killing things and gaining knowledge.

    I would start killing wolves if you didn't max out knowledge on tutorial island. After wolves, bunnies, deer I would move on to goblins after I get a few talent points.

    Kill goblins, and maybe even some bandits until you have 4k gold. Then find a city that has a yellow shield that you wouldn't mind living near, and locate a hamlet on one of the roads outside it. Build things you want to do the things you want to do.

    Ultimately, it all comes down to making gold.


    Join a guild. Meridian is always looking (shameless plug 😄 )

    Apply as a citizen to a city. Join groups to grind assorted mobs for Knowledge points. Unlock skills and abilities. Get 4k gold to build a house somewhere in your city. Contribute to city upkeep by mining, hunting meat/crafting materials.

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