What are people playing while waiting for the next Alpha?

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    I don't know about you, but it's far to quiet here, so I thought I'd ask, what MMORPGs are people playing while waiting for another Alpha to come along?

    Me, I'm playing both Old School RuneScape, and EverQuest (they have a couple new Progressive Servers, I'm on Mischief, so I get to play like back when I first started back in 1998-99 when I was a Beta Tester and then one of the first players)


    I'm playing another Battletech play through. It's my 4th now lol.


    Trying out old complex mods for minecraft.


    Yesterday i bought "Remnant: From the Ashes" on steam. Will sink my time in there for a few hundred hours i hope because i kinda exhausted everything on my library... and there isn't really anything exciting on the market. The last thing was Deep Rock Galactic!

    ... and MMORPG's .... there are none - i've put my hopes on Fractured and Project Gorgon and both will very likely take a few more years before release.

  • @GamerSeuss Is Battle Tech any good? I played about one round and lost interest. I really enjoyed Xcom 2 but just didnt get the same feel from BT.
    Should i try it again?


    WoW TBC Classic


    Ultima online
    Virtuverse (Alpha)
    Albion online



    @BitterLoD I love turn based games and since Battletech is one of my favorite board games I enjoy it. I have all the DLC and Flashpoint is the one I like the most. You can get mods at the Nexus but I haven't used any of those. I'd like to use the Galaxy at War mod but couldn't get it to work for me. There's a new one out that let's you play from 3025-3065 which I do believe has the clans invading. They included the entire Inner Sphere map in that mod which has planets changing hands. There are just alot of mods to install for that so I've not jumped in.

    XCom 2 is bar far the best computer game I have ever played. I actually just played that again before Battletech. The mod community converted the entire game to a Star Wars theme so I played the clones vs the droid army. One thing about mods in that game is you have to be careful not to get any that conflict. It was pretty cool having jedi with force abilities. I wish they would just make a Star Wars version of XCom.


    I'm more a tabletop RPG person than an MMO person, so btw tests I relax with my mobile games.

    The one I've played longest is Gems of War, which features match3 turn-based battles with tons of different types of creatures. I highly recommend it as a time-waster and general relaxant 😁 I've got a chill guild and it's got plenty of opportunity for P2W but if a person is just Cheap2Play like me, they can still do quite well.

    I'm also following with great interest the development of another MMORPG, based on a tabletop game called Wagadu Chronicles. The universe for this D&D type game is based in African mythos, and I'm totally psyched to learn more about that! Nice change from the usual Euro-fantasy elves and dwarves.

    [n.b., I've got nothing against the Eurofantasy thing! I love dragons and Terry Pratchett and D&D all to bits, but the world is a BIG place, and there's a lot of way cool mythos to explore in Africa, Asia, South America, the Middle East... Why limit ourselves, y'know? 🌍 🌏 🌎 ]


    Since I stopped playing SWTOR (the last MMO I dumped serious time into) I have become more of a TTRPG player. I also find that I do not have as much time for gaming as I used to (or don't make as much?) so between online TTRPG game play (looking forward to in person play soon!) and general lack of time I really haven't been playing anything.


    @Gibbx Oh heck yea. My DND group has been meeting regularly through the whole virus. As adults it's hard to find time slots. Our table top game club is about to fire up our monthly gatherings in July again. We do rpgs, card games and board games. We usually handle all the gaming at the area cons. Much fun. I also prefer in person game playing.


    @Farlander That sounds awesome. My FLGS has just started in person play again. Have been playing D&D regularly thru the Pandemic via the interwebs. Seems like our AL group might stick with online play. I have to admit that the lack of travel time and not having to wear pants are huge plusses to online play. Our Saturday group is just about ready to resume in person play as well. but as always its time, time, time... hard to match up schedules. Makes me wonder where I will be able to carve out time to play Fractured. If only I didn't have to work...

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    We tried online play, but my players just didn't feel motivated to show up on the internet, so we stopped after the first month or so. I'm immunocompromized, so I haven't gone back out to play as of yet, although I'm fully vaccinated. Our FLGS started games back up at the beginning of June, but I've yet to go. I could really use the stress relief, personally.


    I've often thought about the online D&D but for me it is more about hanging out and socializing. Our group is so bad about sitting down at the table and then going off on some tangent. Before we realize it we have talked an hour and our caravan hasn't even left the town lol. I'm not sure we would have that online.


    Albion online again πŸ˜‰

    Maybe will take a look on new ESO chapter


    @GamerSeuss Sorry to hear. Online play isn't perfect, but its been better than nothing since playing in person was not possible for us. I hope you get to play soon friend!

    @Farlander I depends a little on whether you are playing with your friends or in a 'pick up' game with folks you don't know. There have been plenty of times when our caravan just doesn't move or the BBEG has plenty of time moving his machinations forward cuz we are busy chit chatting... Not unlike some MMOs I have played - you intend to X but then realize you have spend an hour BS'ing.

  • Currently playing WoW TBC. However now everyone has flying mounts, the open world is starting to feel.....meh. So considering going back and starting a new character on the Vanilla classic servers.


    Hello @all
    Do not play an MMO at the moment, because I don’t like it, I hope to get access again and if Fractured continues to develop as I imagine then you have someone who would buy the game;)

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    @Dalmantes I hear you, I'm not a huge fan of most MMOs out there anymore, I always hated WoW, I couldn't get into Albion Online, etc...

    I do play Old School RuneScape and Progressive Server EverQuest because they harken to the days of yore when MMOs were new and fresh and far less toxic.

    Fractured can be an amazing game, but it is good to occupy your time in between, and games like Old School RuneScape have a free play option. For Progressive servers though, EverQuest requires membership.


    Just bought Blackwood Collection for ESO. I had up to Summerset only so it has been awhile. So far so good. Pretty fun so far and I like that I can start off my character where I want to.

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