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    Would we want or are we going to implement "Say Chat" -Where your chat pops out above your head"
    I could argue both sides.

    1 being against as to keep the screen clear of spam, especially in town/safe area's.
    2 being for. Taking point one into account. It would be nice to have for Guild-Guild or Party-Party..

    Up for thoughts?


    @DjBIGGZ said in Say Chat?:

    1 being against as to keep the screen clear of spam, especially in town/safe area's.

    I prefer it as it is now... all your chats are within the "chat" window. Message bubbles I think would just look tacky in this style of game.

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    I do like chat bubbles option to have them would be nice.
    But I do say option...because people spam and abuse bubbles in pvp a lot in these types of games.


    @maze said in Say Chat?:

    (....)an option to have them would be nice(...)

    As long as it's optional, great. But I'd hope it's far down the priority list of what should be worked on, especially when there's plenty of core functionality still missing (races, planets,...).

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    @Logain It would definitely be considered a QoL/Cosmetic option, so shouldn't even be implemented until Late Beta at the earliest I'd say. I find any game where you might have more than 3 or 4 players on screen at any one time, the bubbles are way distracting and more a nuisance than a help.

  • I'm personally a big fan of chat bubbles. Adds a lot to the immersion I find. At least for me personally.


    I like chat bubbles in that you know who is saying what with a glance at the screen. However I also like chat windows because it is easier to read. I'd go for both 🙂


    There should be an option in the settings where the player could decide whether or not to have these chat bubbles.
    So everyone liked. 🙂

    who agrees??


    I haven't played a lot of games, and none that I've played has had chat bubbles. I'm inclined to agree with @GamerSeuss (who is very experienced in game creation) that in a larger party it would add to confusion. I'm already too easily confused! 🤦 😝

    More urgent, imo, in terms of QoL for chat, is the ability to mute/block trolls/spammers. Once that gets done we can talk about other improvements in the comm system, but that's gotta be first on the list. PLEASE FFS, @Specter can't always be there.

    After that, I'd love to be able to use /commands to give my toon a little bit of interactive life:
    sit, bow, wave, dance... wouldn't that be cool?

  • I certainly want an option for chat bubbles. However granted there are more pressing design matters. Hopefully it's something that can be turned on in the options at a later point, then everyone's happy.


    Another game I'm following in development just posted a gif of their SayChat. It helped me visualize how this would look in Fractured.

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