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    I think there is too much mouse clicking. The game needs an autoattack and an autorun. I understand some may shy from autoattack as it might imply attack on and afk, but honestly clickclickclickclickclickclickclick is not an improvement. Its not good game, it will wear out my mouse, and it will wear out my arm. Good gaming involves rewarding for quality choices, not for fast clicking.

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    Actually, this is a Hybrid PvE/PvP game, and as such, PvP especially does in fact benefit from click timing in combat, and thus, an Auto-Attack Feature is not recommended.

    In point of fact, Auto-ANYTHING is not in the spirit of the originally intended game...Some might want it, but I'm willing to be a large portion of this community anyway, would prefer no Automation be added within the game.

    yes, we want to go in and out of combat mode, or some other method to prevent clicking on the environment from getting in the way of combat, but if anything, I would think a majority of us would like to find a way for the game to really reward people for timing their attacks, even more precisely. As to anything even remotely AFKable, we don't want to facilitate that option at all.


    And as a pro tip, hold your mouse button down. You really won't have to click much when traveling, just move it where you want to go. And as for fighting, I rarely click more then once. Just hold that puppy down and hit corresponding attack keys on the keyboards when you want to use them. Really isn't too bad doing it that way.


    @Esoba Holding down the mouse key is certainly more efficient, but it does nothing to prevent carpal tunnel. Its still bad to hold mouse click down for long periods.
    edit: intended this to reply to holding mouse while traveling. I havent tried fighting like that but I will.


    You can also read up on a few other Threads where this has been talked about:

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    Please no Auto Attacking!
    That would make the game boring and it wouln't be anymore the game i pledged for!

    Just my 2 cents.

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    @Svann said in feedback - too much mouse clicking:

    but it does nothing to prevent carpal tunnel.

    I always don't understand, why people with carpal tunnel syndrom always want from the game designer to get a solution for their problem.

    • Play less
    • Use assistive devices (programmable mouse + keyboard)
    • Play less long, rest your hand regulary
    • Play games with less need to use mouse as long your syndrom is hurting too much

    I know, it is a real pain to deal with carpal tunnel, but for that reason each doctor will tell you, that you have to stay away from stuff, that makes it worse.
    A game Designer can't help you with that.
    I can also not demand, if i get regulary headache if i play an FPS game, that an designer/developer has to make the game slower. Or less bright, if i just can turn down the monitors brightness.
    You are responsible for yourself, not the developer to care for your carpal tunnel.

    Yeah, they can think about to implement an auto run, and they said, they probably will do.
    But you guys not just demand an auto run, some of you even demand automatic travel paths, you demand now auto attack. Whats next? Auto collect? Auto Kill? Auto Build?
    C'mon, you just demand features for your own lazyness and your refusal of the advice of the doctor, to stay away from playing games that demand a use of a mouse.
    Yes, thats my opinion, even it sounds hard now, but start to be wise and cure your health problem or/and figure out helping tools.


    Just leaving this here. Don't mind me.
    Auto Everything -


    Hello all,
    After playing for 2 weeks and having the first 2 complete days holding down the left mouse button I got my wrist hurt pretty bad... I found that I could use AutoHotKey to solve the issue, but really, theres no reason why not having auto-movement added to the game.

    As for the combat, I would love to have autoattack enabled, and if you dont like it... just dont use it.

    That could be made into an optional toggle on the game options.

    Also the too much clicking is really a big problem and just to give you an example, in order to fill 1 (one) single advanced smeltery you would have to go through 56 Clicks (yes 56...)

    1 click to access the wagon
    1 click to access the wagon inventory
    1 click onto the ore
    1 click onto the smeltery
    (that x10 ores = 40 clicks)
    Adding that to another x4 for the coal, you would end up with 16 clicks)
    Total: 56 clicks.

    Filling up 4 advanced smelters you would have 224 clicks, every 4 hours to refill only 4 smelters.

    I've written a full review about the things I would like to see in the game and I categorized them as Quality of Life.

    I will make another topic to discuss all these topics, I think it will be interesting to see everyone's opinions on it.

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    Hi @Svann, auto-attacks are not consistent with our action combat - you can however hold down LMB to keep attacking the same target, or hold down RMB to keep attacking in the direction of the mouse cursor, instead of spamming clicks. That's what I always do myself if I don't have to move to dodge etc 🙂

    As for the auto-run, you're right that holding down LMB hurts. An auto-run feature that simulates holding down LMB is already in our backlog ready to be sneaked into the game as soon as we have a little "spare" time 🙂

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