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    Hey there fellow Fractured fans.
    I've been following the game for more than 2 years.
    It's been forever since I actually seen an update about the official launch and especially about the other 2 worlds structure.
    Anyone knows if the game is still set to be launched at 2021 and if so, will Tartaros and Arboreus be launched at the same time as Syndesia? I honestly have no idea how they would work from watching what the game is becoming from all the Dev Updates.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm loving the evolution of the game. However, wouldn't it make more sense for the PVP world to be structured as "tribes" and/or underdeveloped structures contrary to the PVE world, where there wouldn't be as much competition for the resources and all the abondancy would actually promote the exponencial evolution of the civilization? That would make for such a fun way to promote gameplay on each world, besides all those gameplay restrictions. Anyone can help me out with all these questions please?

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    By the time we enter into Beta Testing phase, all 3 worlds should have gone live.

    Beta-testing will be when they do the final testing of bugs and tweaks before going to the full live launch, so during Beta-testing is when the best guess as to the actual Go-Live Date will begin to develop.

    Right now, we're still in Alpha testing, with just the continent of Myr to play around in. It is not sure if they will slowly phase the other continents in or the other worlds in at the end stages of Alpha or not.

    My advice is to wait and see!

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    @Mytsai Fractured won't be released before 2022. As for the planets, they will be added at some point during the alpha or maybe the beta. It'll depend on how the devs end up structuring the test phases.


    @GamerSeuss Thank you mate!


    @Specter Thank you so much. I really do hope we can actually see a "fuller" state of the game as soon as possible. Many people that I recruited to play the game have already left it behind simply because they don't want to wait for a game that is taking "this long" to develop. They do not get that Fractured literally started promoting itself from the early stages of development!.
    Thanks once again!

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    @Mytsai said in Official Launch and Worlds Structure:

    a game that is taking "this long" to develop

    Yeah, thats mostly because people in 2020 think, a game can get developed "in no time".
    They often forget, that they mostly see new games that are already in a pre release phase and often not even get informed how long it was developed before.
    If i remember when i saw first time an announcement about Amazons "New World", it is almost 3 years ago i think, and i am sure, Amazon was already on developement on this game at this time. And "New World" isn't released yet.

    I guess this kind of impatience is coming from the unbelievable count of new games that comes each month to the game market.
    Some of them are from big bussiness machineries who just throw out same kind of game in a new look again and again.

    I remember that we had in the past sometimes discussions about "Why Fractured need that long?", "Today you can develope a game in a month." and so on.
    Weird thoughts by consumer who just want to eat a fast game to go to the next.

    Good to see, that you are still sticking around and don't get confused by your gaming friends. 🙂


    @Kralith You bring up very good points here!

    I would also like to add, that the development time for an MMORPG is substantially longer than for other types of games just due to the large design and features meant for the game world. If you look at all the "big name" upcoming MMOs that have been announced in the last 3-7 years, none of them are even at the playable point yet. Examples would be Star Citizen, Crowfall, Pantheon, Camelot Unchained, Ashes of Creation, New World.... none actually close to releasing! In fact, if we consider amount of time between first announcement and a playable test phase, Fractured actually wins!


    If I die before full release, can my family apply for a partial refund ?


    @Stacy555 sad thought 😞 let’s hope we won’t have to find out

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