Another Key raffle


    The next Alpha-Stage is about to start and some people still seem to lack the keys for it. Don't look any further! You might be one of the lucky 3 in this raffle.

    I've got 3 more spare Alpha Keys and I'd love to help some people experience Fractured for the first time 🙂

    Just write here, that you'd like to participate and which feature of Fractured in general or which new feature in this Alpha you anticipate the most. Entries will be stopped once the server goes live (currently approx. 8pm CEST). So the winners will be able to start playing today.


    Would love a key so i can try it out with my clan,

    The feature I would like to test out is how to troll my friends, not sure if i will be able to but sure will try. 😉


    I really enjoyed the last test (which was my first) and would love to help testing it again.

    Not sure if there is a single feature I anticipate the most, since the whole game is just tailor made for me. But crafting definitely is a big one.


    I'd really love to participate and see the game for myself with my own eyes.
    I'm really excited for the player driver economy and seeing how that impacts the gameplay in a big mmo like this

  • I'd jump at the chance to try out the conjunction events with my clan to see how these events will work. I am envisaging Foxhole style onslaughts. The idea of forming militia's to repel the opposing forces and hold back the hordes would be something special to my mind.


    (Personally i have access, but plenty of friends do not and they keep asking if theres a way to play in the alpha, which is why im trying this 🙂 )

    Im excited about the "planet focuses" on PvE/mix/PvP and how the teleportation between planets will play out.

  • i would like to participate, i'm excited about all the parts of the Fractured but if i had to choose then its the pvp and the economy 🙂


    @Freas I am excited about Fractured because my first MMO was Ultima Online in 1997. (yeah I'm old, lol)

    I played for four years, every day having to create my own content. No quests, no map, no tutorial, no Discord, no Battlegrounds, no instances.

    This is the closest game I have seen since, that comes close to my favorite game ever... Ultima Online.

    The features that excite me are the ability to be myself and create my own content. I don't need to follow someone else's path.

    I can be me.


  • I would like to win a key because this is for years after comming from a game like Tibia there has been no game like it. I have tried so many mmo's and just no game even looks or reminds me of it. Untill i found fractured a few weeks ago, this game is finally the one that reminds me of my beloved oldschool tibia (especialy the feature of the demon world that has open world loot pvp like tibia!) but sadly enough because of these pandemic heavy times i dont have the resources to back the game just yet. Thats why i would be so happy if i would win a key!


    1 hour left for new entries, at least according to the current delay. 😄

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    I am a man by many names, I wander the gaming world leaving a name behind that will become legend; in the lands of WoW: Classic the name DasCow still wanders. As for this land of Syndesia, my guild has suddenly found it on our radar and im sure it seeks for me to leave a legendary tale behind for those adventurers of release to hear echo through the ruins....


    Here goes nothing, To date not a single raffle or giveaway won. Today might be the day? 🙂
    Would love to try out the clan system ÃŽn order to see how suitable this is for my clans playstyle
    And would love to try out the crafting system as it seems to suit my personal playstyle

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    I would like one because I’m not sure if I should invest in Fractured and the test would be a good way to find out.


    I want to participate in the game. I watched some videos on Youtube about the gameplay from the last test phase and I am completely impressed with the game. I especially like and what I want to test the housing in the game and tinker. I especially like the survival in an MMO which is new in the genre 🙂


    Interested in exploring the world and talent tree and seeing what ones might work towards my play style 🙂


    Would love to get a key for my friend hes really in to this genre of games and we want to try something new together. (I do have access) ^^

  • Content Creator

    @Znick Actually, RuneScape Classic was developed by DeviousMUD players who wanted to play Ultima Online, but couldn't afford the monthly fee at the time. If you played OSRS (Old School RuneScape) now, you'd be getting pretty close to the Ultima experience. (I played Ultima: Online too back in the day)

  • Content Creator

    I actually have several friends who would be interested in trying out Fractured, as I've been talking about it when I stream Old School RuneScape. My favorite thing about the game is the Isometric nature of it all. Knowledge Points used to enhance, not level your character, and then player-created items with a durability score helps with immersion, as does the non-linked banking system that requires physically moving items from city to city, town to town. My favorite feature coming out in this test though has got to be the anticipated Talent Tree grid. Very excited to see how that ends up going, that's not to say that player cities don't have me salivating as well of course.


    Since the Servers are still not up yet, the entry phase is obviously (as explained in the first post) prolongued as well. It could technically still end today at 9pm, but it is equally likely that the raffle will have to continue for a few days until Prometheus has it fixed. 😄


    @Freas I am excited about Fractured because my first MMO was Ultima Online in 1997. (yeah I'm old, lol)
    LOL... i played Meridian 59, still have the original booklet and CD. so i am old too... 🙂

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