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    updated for Alpha 2 - Test 3

    Hey all,

    Seeing all the questions appear in global chat during the stress test this week, I felt like making a guide that should allow players to understand the basics of the current game.

    If you feel like I am missing something essential or something seems unclear, please comment below.

    General TIP: The tutorial is a great way to learn about the mechanics in Fractured. It does not explain everything but will get you started. Please finish the tutorial!


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  • TF#5 - LEGATE


    The tutorial is getting updates with almost every playtest, so it is a work in progress. I will not update this section or walk you through the tutorial, but:

    General TIP: The tutorial is a great way to learn about the mechanics in Fractured. It does not explain everything but will get you started. Please finish the tutorial!

    Look out for quest markers as green stars on your mini map. They will guide you to important locations or crafting stations to complete the tutorial.

    Tutorial Quest Markers.png

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    General Controls

    Fractured offers 2 options for moving:

    1. Left click anywhere on the ground and your character will move to the selected spot automatically
    2. Left click and hold and your character will follow your mouse until you release the button

    You can zoom in and out with your mouse-wheel. Camera rotation is not supported.

    Moving items
    You can:

    • drag and drop items to move them between containers or your inventory
    • right-click an item in a container to move it to your inventory

    Press and hold CTRL while dragging and you can split a stack of items.

    Important Hotkeys
    V = Crafting
    B = Blueprints
    S = Social/Party
    J = Book of Knowledge
    K = Skills and Abilities
    M = Map

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    Health, Satiety and Energy

    Health Bar.png

    Green Bar: This is your endurance. Damage inflicted by enemies will be taken from this. If it reaches 0, you will KO and wake back up 30 seconds later with a replenished endurance bar.

    Red Bar: This is your life. After taking damage to endurance, life will drain and replenish endurance.
    If you get KO'd with 0 life, you will be dead, drop all items in your inventory and respawn at a town or house.

    Blue Bar: This is your mana. It is used by various skills and spells. There is no penalty for having 0 mana besides not being able to use some or all your skills.

    All these bars replenish over time depending on your regeneration rates shown in your character window (Hotkey: c)
    You can also replenish these completely by resting at a campfire or fireplace.

    TIP: For better survival, always gather up to 10 small stones and carry them with you. It is easy to find 5 branches anywhere and you can build a campfire (10 small stones, 5 branches) when you really need it!

    The sausage like symbol with two antennae inside the circle’s bottom indicates your satiety or hunger. It drains over time and can be replenished by…well, food! If this reaches 0, your life will drain and cause you to die eventually.

    Above our satiety indicator, is our Energy. This also drains automatically over time and can only be replenished by resting at a campfire or fireplace.
    If it reaches 0, it will start draining your endurance and cause you to KO eventually.

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    Skills/Abilities and Talents

    Check out the Character Build Library by @Maras for decent start builds.

    Every character starts with 4 Skills based upon your selected class during character creation.

    Skills - New Preset.png

    Adding Skills and Abilities to your Hotkeys
    To use your skills, you need to bind them to your hotkeys. To do so, move to a campfire or fireplace and rest there. A screen will pop up like the one above. Select “New Preset” with your left mouse button.

    Skills - Preset Config.png

    Now you get to configure all the skills you have unlocked (red box) and use them in your current preset by RIGHT-CLICKING it. You will see the skill appearing on the right side. The number inside the skill icon indicates its memory cost.
    You can add as many skills as you have memory points for (blue box), then name your preset (white box) and save the preset (blue box).

    This will get you back to the first pop-up window. Select your newly made preset with a left-click and click on “memorize” in the bottom.

    Skills - Adding Skill to Hotbar.png

    Now you will be able to drag and drop skills from your memorized preset (red box) into your hotkey selection (blue box).

    Skills - Learning New Skill.png

    Learning New Skills and Abilities

    As you fight creatures, you will see new entries in your book of knowledge (hotkey j). Select a creature on the list on the left and you will see its stats appearing on the right half. If you move your mouse over the stats and scroll down, you can see squares showing new learnable abilities (red box). You uncover which skills you may be able to learn form that specific creature after you killed enough creatures of the same type to reach 20% or more knowledge (green box). NOTE: Some creatures offer no new skills or abilities. Some offer multiple. You will discover additional skills for every 20% knowledge. Very few creatures require more than 20% to discover skills.
    To finally learn a new skill, left-click on the square (red box) and click “unlock”. Please note that learning new skills costs knowledge points. Your current amount of knowledge points is displayed in the same window (blue box).

    Then follow the steps from before to add the new skill to your preset and memorize it.


    Instead of using the Knowledge Points (KP) for unlocking new skills/abilities, you can also use them to gain talent points to allocate in the talent tree.

    Talent - Preset.png

    You can find your talent presets next to your ability presets. To create a new one, click on the + sign (red box) and you will see the talent tree:

    Talent - Talent Allocation.png

    Gaining Talent Points
    To gain talent points, click on the + sign in the yellow box. Each talent point costs 1,000 KP. You can check how many knowledge points you have in the bottom right corner, next to the green box.

    Allocating Talent Points

    Once you added talent points, you can now left-click on any of the nodes closest to center (blue circle as an example), to allocate your point and gain the described bonus, which pops up when you mouse-over the node. Some nodes will allow you to put 4 talent points into them and consequently gain 4 times the bonus. Once completed, you can now move onto any node that is connected to the one you allocated with a line. Be aware that some nodes only allow a single talent point to be allocated.

    You can freely allocate your points. You may start in the bottom left section, then allocate additional points in the top right section. Just remember you have to start always closest to center first.

    You can see how many talent points you still have left to allocate and name your talent tree preset (red box). Once you are satisfied with your decisions, save the preset (green box) and memorize at a fire camp. This works just like it does with ability presets.

  • TF#5 - LEGATE


    You can open the crafting menu by pressing V or by interacting with a crafting station. All crafting menus have the same structure.


    You have the crafting categories (red box) and the learned recipes (blue box). There are currently no additional crafting recipes to learn.

    To craft a specific item, select it in the list, then adjust the wanted quantity and click on craft. You can alternatively just click “craft all” to craft the highest possible quantity based on the ingredients you have.

    If you are looking for a specific crafting item, you can also use the search bar above the item selection on the left (blue box).

  • TF#5 - LEGATE


    To build a house, you need the following:

    • own a plot of land
    • place a house blueprint
    • own a hammer and axe
    • gather all materials and complete each building segment

    First of all, you will need to gather 1000 gold pieces. You can find those as loot on humanoid creatures, such as goblins in Goblin Hills or even on elementals in Heartwood.

    Then find an open plot of land. This is indicated by a yellow/golden square/diamond on your mini map and as a building ruin on the actual world. Interact with the ruin and pay the 1000g to take possession of the land. Open your blueprints (hotkey b), select the desired type of building and place it with right-click on your plot of land.

    You will now be able to mouseover any part of the house and see what materials are required to finish each segment of the building. Stone can be gathered from stone nodes (requires a hammer) and wood from trees (requires an axe). Your character can only transport one piece of material at a time.

    Building a handcart makes a builder’s life much nicer. To do so, open the blueprint menu (hotkey b), select the handcart and place it with right-click. Mouse over to see the needed materials, gather those transport them to the cart, adding them to the cart by left clicking on with the material in your hands. Any small items (everything except for wood and stone blocks) can be added to the handcart by having it in your inventory, left clicking on the cart empty-handed and clicking on the gear symbol. Congratulation! You can now transport 12 building materials at a time by adding them to the built handcart just like you did before when you were building it. A handcart can only transport wood and stone blocks.

    You can add materials to your building site just like you did with the cart: Hold the material in your hand and left click on the building segment you wish to add the material to.

    After completing your house blueprint, you can add blueprints for furniture as you like in the same fashion.

  • TF#5 - LEGATE


    If you just want to get started, read below, otherwise visit the detailed guide on enchanting in the forums.

    Check out the the Vandiir Enchanting Calculator or the Enchanting Calculator by @maze to find some enchantment recipes.

    Enchanting can be done at any enchantment table that you have built or been given access to. It DOES NOT WORK at the public one in town!


    To enchant, place any equipment (helmet, body armor, gloves, shoes, necklace or any weapon) into the center (green box). You will now see possible enchantments on the right side (blue box) - scroll down to see more.

    Each enchantment requires 4 attributes listed underneath the enchantment name. Mouse over to see the names.
    Each enchanting ingredient has three attributes listed in their tooltip. To place the enchantment you want onto the equipment in the enchanter, you need to place ingredients in the outer squares (red boxes) and match the enchantment attributes with at least 2 points.

    Mana Regeneration requires Mind, Transfer, Time and Energy. Placing Ashes and Mandrake Root into the enchanter, gives us:

    Enchanting - Ashes.png

    We need the 2 Transfer and 3 Time

    Enchanting - Mandrake Root.png

    We need the 2 Mind and 3 Energy

    We now have at least 2 in Mind, Transfer, Time and Energy and the Enchantment is now highlighted and available (white box) for placing onto the equipment. Click on “Enchant” and you are done.

    For more details, please visit the detailed enchanting guide.

  • TF#5 - LEGATE


    Read the official FAQ

    Q: How do I make arrows?
    A: Open the crafting menu by pressing v, make shafts and tips in the default tab, then select the arrow tab on the left side of your crafting window and make the arrows.

    Q: How do I bake bread?
    A: Open the crafting interface by clicking on a fireplace, select the tab from the top (on the left side of your crafting window), scroll down to bread and craft.

    Q: How do I make leather? Is there a tanning tub?
    A: You need to build a tanning tub, add processed hides into it. You craft those at a fleshing beam. Both have to be build on your property to use - no public versions.

    Q: How do I enchant? It doesn't work!
    A: Make sure you own or have permissions for the enchanting table you are using. The public one in town does not work. Make sure you have ingredients and equipment placed matching the wanted enchantment attributes. Read my guide above or the detailed guide for more info.

    Q: Is the bank in town global?
    A: No, it is town specific.

    Q: How do I build a house?
    A: You need 1000 gold, find an unoccupied place on the map, purchase the land and place the blueprint. For more detail, read the description above.

    Q: Is there any way to fast travel?
    A: Not yet.

    Q: How do I leave a city?
    A: Due to a bug, the only way to leave a city is to be kicked out by its governor.

    Q: What happens if I die (red bar goes to 0)?
    A: You will lose all your inventory and equipped items and respawn at your home or last visited city, per your choice. This also counts for PvP. All items are lootable.

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