Pro tip: Blocking users hides all of their posts, forever


    Hello Fractals!

    If you click on a user's name and go to their profile, you can click the ellipses in the top right corner to block them. This will prevent any of their posts from showing up on the forums ever, including in recent activity feeds. (So far as I know it will not hide posts that are replying to or quoting them.)


    Expect to utilize this power frequently. It's a better idea than getting into a stupid argument over a video game.


    @FibS I thought that was why we were here... odd


    While this blocking may yes have some uses, I believe it is for the benefit of the game that we do not haste to block people.

    I don't know what the other player did to you, it probably was a reasonable action to block it, but doing so without reason will make us lose a lot of room for improvement and new ideas

    I have a few people in my social media that are from opposites political ideals and, despite hating most of what I see, it is still good to know and, in a way, understand what and why they think that way.

    I believe the same happens here, so you basically know other ideas and other ways of doing the same thing, different opinions always net better discussions.

    Yet, if you feel personally attacked, then of course it is better to just stop seeing that damn user.

    P.S.:Poor ForumUsernameUsedInitially being blocked


    @egonaraujo Oops! I clicked on the first person's name I saw because clicking on your own page does not offer a block feature, so I needed to combine screenshots.

    I did not block this person, and I will replace the image with their name properly removed.


    I am glad, that i had to block not even 5 people in my whole online life.
    And i am used to the Internet since 1997 😉

    Usually talking to each other helps, or just ignoring them entirely without taking them the possibility to get in contact with you again.


    I usually in MMOs only block spammers, because they are the real scourge, and they do not let you see rest of the chat ingame.

    I don't have issues with "insert negative attribute here" 🙂 I'm not overly concerned what random "insert negative attribute here" people on internet say or think.

    In fact, I like to be able to see who is "insert negative attribute here", because they I add them to my "insert negative attribute here" list, and make sure whenever I meet them anywhere in game, I make their gaming life miserable. 🙂

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    @Gothix I'm pretty much the same! Blocking spammers is the only real reason I block people, for the same reasons - it prevents you from seeing chat. And quite frankly, I don't need to see "Leerooooooooooooy Jenkiiiiiiiiins" for several years, or "Did somebody say [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]" - or any other flavor of the month memes that are out. It's also not a good coping mechanism; blocking anyone for disagreeing with you or getting into an argument doesn't build social skills either - which can be a big part of an MMORPG!

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