• Hi everyone. Let's say i wanna buy the game. At the current state "alpha 2", do i have a lot of things to do or it's pretty boring? dont get me wrong i know game is promising and i wish all the best. Question is: to get fun NOW it is worth to spend the cost for alpha 2 access? what i can i do currently? thanks for IN-DEPT answers.


    it isn't a game. it's a test phase. it'll close when the testing is over.


    Id realistically recommend entering from beta 1, at this point in time. Because alpha 2 has already been in progress.

    But the real question you need to ask yourself is what other items you want from a package.

    For example eternal package has lifetime VIP membership included.

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    @BlackFlower1 the "worth" you just can answer yourself.
    For me it was worth it to buy a relative high pack before the game even entered the Closed Pre Alpha, because of the Design Idea of the game. And because i wanted to follow the games progress from beginning.
    If you like to test a game that is far from being finished, a game that just has core features to test at the current state, then it could be worth to buy it directly with at least the Legend pack.
    If you like to have a nearly finished game, then Beta 2 could be your target.

    It is hard to tell you, if the game is boring or not in the current state, since every of us has another reason why we are already in.
    I enjoyed every testphase, even the first test at Pre-Alpha.
    I see the progress and every new test gave us new things to test and it was fun to group up with others, killing wisps, Elementars, Goblins and Spider. And it was even fun to build my house plenty of times.
    But there are still many things missing and i can understand everyone who will say "it is not worth, if...", since it is not "a game" yet.

    Maybe you should watch the recorded Streams of our Streamer, to get an idea, what we had in last test and the Roadmap for Alpha 2-2, to see, what we get in next one. That can help you to decide if it is worth for you or not.


    @BlackFlower1 It was "worth" it to me to buy the 'game' during the Kickstarter because I liked the dev's concept, they made it clear that they were responsive to the community, the community is awesome and the forum had provided me the hours of entertainment, and I wanted to support the development of the game, at least in a small way.

    I bought a lower priced pack that I could afford and would be fine with if something untoward happened during development.

    I found out that I don't particularly enjoy participating in the testing phases but I love reading about the tester's experiences.

    Whether buying the 'game' is worth it or not to you only YOU will be able to determine and like many things the answer you give might only become clear in hindsight.

    If you like testing, or just love the project, and can afford to by a pack with creating hardship for yourself that feel free. We think Fractured is going to be awesome!


    As we are in alpha 2, there is not much playtime.

    So if you wanna play till you get bored, you should wait for the game to be released, as it will need several months to get there, I promise 🙂


    If I had the money I would buy the Eternal Package right now, because at some point it will be removed from the store

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