Not Currently Satisfied With The Life Bar System Please Educate Me Good Sir's (have read current material)

  • I am curious about the life bar mechanic in this game I have been playing alpha 2 and I haven't really figured out exactly what it does and under what circumstances it drops (aside from poison and revive) and also how it would make you tanky having a large bar, basically it just doesn't feel right when i have high constitution (i do understand that constitution brings resistances, fortitude and better heals from potions).

    i understand that it is used in abilities already but i think that should be built on so it is more relavant to everyone, it kills my beastman bear hype. ๐Ÿ˜ข (as i see it now i think you can rob players items when they are knocked out for 24 hours evil if this is the case your life bar will only matter after your items are stolen)

    a mechanic i thought of is that your endurance could take from your life bar when it regenerates meaning that although you wont have a bigger initial pool of endurance you will be more durable over a longer fight or consecutive fights, (assuming you dont reach 0 and are ko') this could feed into the system of increasing the effectiveness of skills and add more variable upgrades if this is currently not the case i.e lvl 1 healspell could take 100% the life relevant to endurance healed and lvl2 80% lvl 3 60% lvl 4 40% and also have more variability in potions some may heal a flat amount and take a flat amount from life others may work in% i.e heal for 20% of life (and reduce that from your life) 2 possible ways to make it more viable playing like that is reduce the cost for the campfire/craftable at workbench 1 time use campfire, other is items you have to channel to use that give you life regen increases based on your natural regen ranging from rubbing ointments with 1.25x regen rate to mana crystals from Arboreus with life energy in that could be used in crafting or carried only dropping on death for 2x regen when channeled, possibly abilities that enter meditive states just so you cant regen using these things in fights but you have ways to be prepped for a drawnout pve grinds without relying too heavily on crafting campfires.

    you could have high constitution healers using spells that take from there own life to give endurance to others and low constitution healers that will add you life to your endurance at a reduced cost as they get better with skills. i think this would be cool and make constitution guys real good heal sponges and give a cool feel to the beastmen bears who are regenning life midfight with a huge pool to be healed from, less fortuitous character would feel the limitation of his constitution in prolonged battle unless his healers are using there own life to prop him up and also make people with less life have to rest more often from damage sustained also adding a feel of constitution or lack thereof.

    if i am wrong about how it is currently please educate me i love the alpha i cant wait for the game but this is the only blip for me at the min!

    p.s as it currently stands i think shadow demons will be super powerful str=hp(endurance)/armor/dmg agi= attackspeed/evasion per=accuracy/crit/critchance from what i can see as it stands constitution is a much more situational stat. is the reason why the bearmen and hellfires have magic affinity because constitution isnt all that?


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    @NeroulGB Prometheus gave an explanation on the endurance and life system in the Survival and Travel livestream. You can read a recap of it here.

  • I was hoping to be enlightened further but thankyou for taking the time to try ๐Ÿ™‚

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    @NeroulGB I do agree with the point you're making about Constitution. Hopefully the devs will address this in the future.

  • @Specter I have read that material, that coupled with my playing the alpha I have found it underwhelming as an attribute.
    im sure there are many other abilities you can use with it and second wind is very strong but that currently works with the strength stat for boosts anyways and uses a %of life as the resource so very small benefit having constitution.

    i think i must be missing something the other stats are so much more desirable to put points into and i honestly think that why hellfires and bear men have affinity to their magic is because they are funneled towards constitution as a stat.

    p.s love the game just very passionate and this stat irks me lol i think there is tonnes of potential in a double layered life bar with kos pre death but it has to be done well!

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  • @NeroulGB From description of Hellfire demons they seem to be the strongest - cheapest 20 STR and passive resistance from taking damage. As str is both tanking and dps stat, they have free hand in choice of the rest. And if constitution doesnยดt give you endurance, it will be picked only for fortify save. I still hope they somehow change "health" to be usable stat, because in pvp i dont care if i have 10 000 health when I only have 1000 Endurance (will suck to die to three nukes combo with "still full life".

    How about system from Grim Down - there you had health and constitution -->" When out of combat for 2.5 seconds, your Constitution will kick in and rapidly refill your health". I donยดt like the part with "out of combat for x seconds" but couldnยดt health gradually and slowly passively refill endurance every few seconds ?


    @NeroulGB way better ๐Ÿ™‚

    I see, Specter answered you.
    Sadly not my topic. But i think some other surely have opinions about it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • @Kralith got confirmed to a degree in the livestream oxfurd did the other day anyways ๐Ÿ˜„

  • Any new mechanics planned to Constitution and Health? From PVP point of view one only needs Endurance (and STR gives many more benefits aside of endurance). Only thing Constitution gives so far are Saves and little resists. Could amount of current Health positively / negatively affect your damage / speed/ anything (so that Abilities like Blight are actually usefull at least as debuff if they deal no damage at all)?

    Or use health to passivelly regen your Endurance (like 1% of current/max health every few seconds).

    Endurance/Health was in Pillars of Eternity as well, but there Health was only annoying part of adventuring forcing me to return to town for more supplies to make camp fire. Effect of Health in fights was imperceptible except you could get maimed (which is not presented in Fractured).

    EDIT: Health canยดt be healed during fight, right ๐Ÿ˜„ Hmmm, nice. But power of Plague ability should not depend on opponents strenght, guys with strong constitution should resist more, Iยดd rather make it procentual or flat so it affects everyone, in current state it looks like tank destroyer. Making the regen go negative will further punish those who try to max health regeneration ๐Ÿ˜•

  • @asspirin I also feel HP needs a bit more explanation. At first it seemed like a mechanic to ensure that you can get up after being killed in PVE (so tanks don't have to run back 10min to the spot when they die), but to be executed in PVP (so deaths are more impactful in pvp than in other games where you can get resurected). After playing the game a bit, in reality the whole thing is not so fun - you kill a few mobs, rest, kill a few mobs, rest and so on.

  • Little off topic, but still will post it here:

    All the natural 20 attribute bonuses are beneficial for all the archetypes (luck is fine for everyone, so is health and mana regen, higher accuracy and chance to dodge attacks) with exception of STR (only melee damage). How about making it similar to INT (bigger endurance regen instead of damage), but move half of endurance bonus to CON and increasing damage bonus to like 5%/STR. Probably stupid, right ๐Ÿ˜„ But so far CON and STR share HEALTH and amount of stuff you can carry. STR seems too strong now (it offers endurance which is your healthbar, endurance regen and even armour), lets give some STR bonuses to CON.


    @asspirin said in Not Currently Satisfied With The Life Bar System Please Educate Me Good Sir's (have read current material):

    Or use health to passivelly regen your Endurance (like 1% of current/max health every few seconds).

    This could be neat.

    Basically high health is generally used in MMOs for the sole purpose so that tanks would not die in "one shot" from some more powerful boss attacks, that otherwise kill in one shot other roles with lesser amounts of health.

  • @Gothix Yes, but I was referring to Health in Fractured. Health pool from other games is replaced by Endurance (gained via STR), which basically makes Health (from CON) nearly pure PvE stat. So far Health has no purpose in pvp and neither does CON (except Fortify saves).

    All stats except PER and CON serve offensive and defensive purposses (str gives melee dmg and endurance, endurance regen and armour, DEX lets you dodge more spells and attacks and also gives you attack speed etc.
    Perception is purely offensive attribute, gives you literally zero survivability, but makes up for it with bigger accuracy, crit chance and even crit damage.
    Constitution is purely defensive ... but gives one save, some minor resists and thats it.
    While PER enables you to go uber crit build with 3x damage crits, CON gives you 20% damage resistance to only few damage types.

    Also abilities - PER based abilities look nice (damage enhancing and accuracy increasing Death Mark, mages and CC specialists might need some PER too to hit CC, also Hunting and Assassination depends on it, probably also Unarmed and some schools like Divining.
    CON based: probably few in warfare - so far mana and fatigue draining temporal speed up (Frenzy) and panic heal which actually depletes your 1/3 of health to refresh endurance...also has huge CD (Second wind). Hope Necromancy blood spells will somewhat work with CON or Health to make the attribute desirable ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thats what the topic is about ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Also I wonder whether Blood magic will be DotA-Huskar like (burning spear: removing my hp to deal dot / ulti: remove X % of my hp to remove % HP of enemy health bar), AoC Dark Templar like ( cast spells at the cost with your health - similar to Huskar) or Guild Wars 2 - Necromancer like (Conditions -debuffs- you cast backfire on you, but you can transfer your conditions to your enemy as well and debuffs/dots can even heal you โค ).

  • They are making it so your hp bar is used to heal your endurance bar if you or someone else heals you meaning that in group fights only high hp people will be damage sponges when healed, so strength agility perception characters will suffer in long group fights because once hp runs out they cant get anymore heals there body is just 2 ravaged glass cannon style, i hope they bring in spells to give life hp to others so a constitution mage could be keeping glass cannons hp up with his own make for another layer of interesting ๐Ÿ˜› i made this post a long time ago but they confirmed the change will be happening in one of oxfurds streams at the time ๐Ÿ˜„

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