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    I tried to do a search and found alot of results but was wanting to ask those who have actually played the alpha how does targeting work?

    Does the game auto target the closest enemy?

    Can we tab through enemies?

    Can we set hot keys for specific targeting options?

    Can we set targeting for healing options?


    No classic targeting. You will not be able to "target an enemy" and then have your damage spells automatically shoot at his position.

    You aim your spells manually, by rotating your character around, and when you shoot a spell, lets say fireball, your fireball will fly in that direction. If it is a ground targeted spell, then you will target some spot on the ground and your spell will fly to that location. That location may or may not still contain enemy player or mob.

    Physical, melee attacks are swings aimed at direction your character is facing, they are usually cleaves, and whoever is in front gets damaged.


    Ugh I was never a fan of arcade style combat lol. So is it like Diablo where we attack like a gatling gun and just hope we hit everything?

  • @Farlander From gameplay videos it looked like combination of League of Legends and Albion online. And I see it as good approach, autoaimed casts and attacks like in DOTA2 seems to easy. With some skill (and move speed) you´re actually able to dodge many attacks of your enemy by simply evading their autohits. And casting spells will probably take some skills too (so i believe the statement of devs that you can 1v4 against noobs/lower skilled least with proper build 🙂 ).


    No auto-targetting, you even have to aim at yourself, if you want to heal yourself.


    @Farlander said in Combat Targeting:

    Ugh I was never a fan of arcade style combat(...)

    I'd wait and give it a try in Fractured if I'd be you. It felt a lot less 'arcade' than in other games to me, but I guess that is certainly subjective experience.


    For this type of combat its just super important that game is lag free.

    Auto targeting compensated for lag issues partially. In manual targeting game, lag can make or break your gameplay.


    I will definitely be trying it out. I wouldn't want to think I have wasted this long without at least seeing the gameplay from a personal experience. I liked SWTOR gameplay myself. There was a targeting system but more importantly there was delay between ability uses that were noticeable. You had to use some strategy in combat. I prefer that to button mashing and spamming attacks over and over which is more arcade style. Gothix is totally right on the lag issue. I played UO early days on dial up. If you had to manually aim back then you would have never hit anything lol.


    @deusex2 said in Combat Targeting:

    No auto-targetting, you even have to aim at yourself, if you want to heal yourself.

    now thats cool.

    I hope this leads to some interesting gameplay like healing the enemy of your enemy or even outright strange things.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @islesofurth like damaging an undead by targeting it with a healing spell possibly?


    Currently, targeting is extremely annoying. I'm fighting the interface more than the enemy. 😞


    Actually there is also spells which will hit the targeted enemy and does not need aiming, at least those "magic missiles" which I am using atm with arcanist. However, I guess most spells needs aiming which is cool.

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