What MMO are you coming from??

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    Hey guys, I was really interested what kind of MMO's you guys played before or play to this day and when do you guys plan to start your journey with Fractured?

    My experience as for being European started in 2007 in Metin2, which I would still play to this day if there were any good servers open, meantime I was playing metin2 on and off I started playing 4story in 2009 and ended that after around 3 years, as wow started dominating the market and player base lowered as it was thought of it as a clone, I started playing Rift around 2012 around the time I finished 4story but it didn't last for too long before I found out Blade and soul and loved it for some time, in 2015 I started playing Devilian which was fun for a while but didn't last long maybe a couple of months.

    So that's a little bit of my background nothing serious or hardcore but I reached max lvl's and enjoyed the guild/roleplay part of it. As for where my Journey will start in this game I'm really really trying to hold myself back from buying the Knight package as I'm just a student and money is not where I would want it to be (I will probably buy it and starve for 3months).

    Hope to hear from you guys! GGC



    I don´t really know the dates of my gaming career, but I also started with Metin2, playing Cabal shortly after. Tested a few and really got into the MMOPRG genre with EdenEternal (because I was about 15 years old then and actually started to know what i was doing haha).

    I then played AuraKingdom, Blade and Soul, Echo of Soul, TwinSaga, Albion Online sometime in there as well, Bless Online (the western version) and currently a bit of Maplestory2 which I will probably drop soon, as my internet does not allow me to play currently.

    I just found this game yesterday, but I am pretty hyped so I got myself the Governer Pledge 🙂

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    @eurav Hey, I can see quite a few similarities in the games we've played and I'm glad you found the game! Wow, Governor pledge is massive hope to see you in the game and for your town to be successful! I'm going to be playing as a Hellfire demon so we might not meet in the nicest of situations still hoping for it 🎃 .


    @GGChester Yeah, I spent a lot of time with Aeria Games so I am used to spending money 😆

    Don´t know about the town though, since we currently have at least two people with Governor in guild, I don´t yet know what will happen to it xd

    I am really happy as well that I found the game, looks extremly promising, and the fact that only a few young developers are working on it gives me motivation for my programming career as well 😜

    As I am planning on playing a Human, I will probably be on the recieving end of that encounter 😁


    too many but i'm sure this won't be my only game. Been warming up to a BR in pre-alpha, called Spellbreak. and yes the Referral code does help you get a pre-alpha key faster.

    mainly playing overwatch recently with some diablo 3 tossed in. going to watch blizzcon tomorrow and saturday while getting some WoW Classic demo time in.

  • In chronological order: Planetside, Guild Wars, Silkroad Online, 2Moons, Tabula Rasa, Atlantica, Valkyrie Sky, Aion, Aika, Guild Wars 2, and Defiance. I've played a lot more but those are the ones that stick out to me. I'm mostly attracted to MMOs with good PvP.

    Despite all my MMO experience, I still mostly consider myself an FPS player, but there haven't been any shooters I've liked for years.


    i dont like putting down my MMO or video game history down. at my age it's too many games.


    well, I'm in Dofus, mildly into Mabinogi, Wakfu, Path of Exile, and previously into The Secret World, SMT: Imagine, and Guild Wars. I've vaguely touched on WoW, Everquest, and Ultima Online. There are a half dozen others (most Aeria XD ) that I touch for a weekend or two and then bailed on.

    I loved the style, customization, storytelling, and combat of TSW. I've loved the customization of SMT: Imagine. Dofus, I loved for the variety and strategic combat. Mabinogi I loved for the freedom, and hated for the grind XD

    WoW and Everquest were never my bag. Ultima could have been, but the grind got to me. Failing to light a fire 20 times got on my nerves XD

    I looked at Fractured for the freedom and customization - let's hope the game play lives up to the hype.


    I'm not sure yet option is missing.
    I will not play at all option is missing.
    I will join one phase before Jetah option is missing.
    Whichever phase Kralith joins option is missing.

    I can't vote on this poll.

    (Too many MMOs to list them all)

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    @gothix It's okay the poll is going to be open till this forum goes down, you will have your time to vote.👌 As for the other options, I do not have the talents to edit the poll sadly.


    @gothix Kralith joins one phase after Jetah. Conflict ensues XD


    I haven't played many MMOs: Path of Exile and Wurm Online, for sure. I also played Travian once. Briefly checked out EVE Online, and decided it would take -way- too much dedication. 🙂


    I played but did not subscribe to Meridian 59 but the honest first addiction to MMORPGs was EverQuest.


    For now i play no MMORPG's cause they all SUCC! Recently played WoW and Albion but got tired of both boring and shitty gameplay.
    My favourites which i'm waiting a lot for are Fractured and Legends of Aria


    I can't even remember all of them... WoW, Eve Online, Anarchy Online, Allods, Guild Wars I/II, SWToR, LoTRO, Black Desert, Archage, Age of Wulin/Wushu, ESO, Wildstar... WoW and Eve are the ones I have played again recently but otherwise I haven't lately played anything much 🤔


    I played way too many MMO's to name them all here, but the one I currently am still playing is GW2.

  • I'am here from Ultima Online and World of Warcraft

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    I can see a lot of people wanting to play in pahse 1 of alpha, hope to see you all in game!


    Hell yeah, I am kinda glad I found that game so late, now I don´t have to wait as long as most of the people here 😀

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    Guild Wars 2 and will stay there too. I'll just try this and see If I like it. It'll never replace GW2 that's for sure.

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