i was thinking about concept


    i asked about this before, how fights will be like if we cant assume enemy skills and kinda stuff by equipments. i got no satisfying answers but through the summer i found out a new game named royal battlerite. I think this is possible. and even if combat is similar to battlerite this game may go so further.


    when you walk down the street, do you know which people know martial arts, or boxing, or nothing? Do you know which ones have hidden guns (i know there are some countries that don't, which is why I said hidden). you don't. you dont know people's abilities which makes this game great!


    And as you keep playing, you will remember people that you keep meeting, and you will remember what abilities they use.

    Even if it doesn't happen in PvP, you will see people fighting monsters, and you will learn over time and remember those that you come across more often.

    And, if you don't observe and don't care to remember, then its your problem. 🙂

  • There'll be nothing definite, but you can definitely pick up on hints. Due to stat affinities, subraces will tend towards certain types of builds. You'll likely be able to tell what kind of armor someone is wearing. The weapon someone is wielding is a big hint since some skills only work with certain weapons.

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    im agree hidden abilty is great, so u never know what to expect. when we disscused costumes in albion forum i insisted that we have to make costumes vision a mandotory so no one could turn it off. and "girls" start crying "how we will see what armor enemy is wareing?" what the "female genitals" i said - by frikin weapon

    anyways im for unknown abilities

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    I think one thing about this game also is that you not locked into a specific skill set. I can learn all of them if I want to take the time and pay the cost. I'm hoping that will let people adjust their skill to fit the scenario or what is needed in the group.


    In a moment when neither you nor your opponent know each other's abilities, the muscular memory of having already met someone with the same skill and knowing how to avoid it will make a difference. ✌

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