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    i realy like the idea that you have to put raw materials in vagon by your own arms, which is realy cool and more realistic.

    so now id like to talk about caravans. remember in albion. it was really ennoying when you realise that you can put like a 1000 logs in stupid ox. its a tiny ox, where u can possiably place 1000 logs? i realy wont stop repeating that every little stupid thing in a game accumulate and at some point you become sick of whole game. so i wonder how caravans system will work in fractured. i really would like to see some vagons which you would have load with stuff to transport it. and not in unrealistick numbers like 1000 of logs or 2000 of swords. but more real like maybe 100 swords per vagon or smth or 500 of carrots or 100 cabagges. and maybe you will have like 10 vagons and you will be controling this caravan but not like sitting on ox in albion.


    I don't think this type of caravan would be possible (don't know about quantity but i read somexhere an item doesn't stack). So if you would do a caravan, do it with friends ! And prepare to be attacked if you're in pvp area😁

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    @gofrit yes items doesnt stack, but u still will be able to put it in a vagon right, and its not one log, right, i think it like 9 so same you could put swords say 100 swords, cos its a vagon


    i'm wanting to say caravans and wagons have already been mentioned. even in the video they load up a wagon or large wheelbarrow.

  • Wagons are confirmed. There's nothing stopping a bunch of players getting together and forming a caravan. It's actually likely this will be a normal thing since it would be safer than being solo.

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    yes i have seen this wagon but it skiped out of my attention that they can be also used for normal caravans like for weapons for ex. horrreyyy!!!

  • @boogis The extent of what you can put in wagons hasn't been confirmed, but it seems likely that there will be trading wagons that you can put gear and stuff into. Your normal inventory is very limited in both slots and the amount of weight you can carry. It makes sense that there will be wagons for all types of items.

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    @target you think i start panic too soon??? hahah

    yeah thats what i wanna hear )))

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