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    I come from Wurm Online, where losing a full set of gear in PvP can be expensive (as in hundreds of euros expensive), and even decent inexpensive gear can be a time-consuming grind to replace, enough that for me whatever reward I might get out of a PvP encounter is very often not work the risk.

    Since the developers have indicated they don't like grinding, and want people to be competitive out of the box, I'm wondering how full-loot drops in Fractured will be balanced. How hard will it be to replace gear?

    If it's easy to replace competitive gear, what other incentives will there be for PvP? Glory/resources/knowledge/joy-of-ganking? If it's hard to replace gear, how does that fit in with the overall anti-grinding, quick-competitive philosophy of the developers?


    basic gear will have to be quick to make and provide a decent amount of defense and offense.

    until they produce the Spotlight we can only speculate.


    @Roccandil Fractured will be a horizontally progressed full loot MMO, and as such we already know (in principle) two things:

    • (horizontality) gear will be customizable, but it's customizations will be horizontal. This means one piece of the gear will always be of around equal power as another piece, but different pieces will just be suited for different purpose. (For example, one head piece will offer 20 fire resistance, and another will offer 20 water resistance, but they will all offer around 20, and there will be no head piece that offers 100.)

    • (full loot) gear pieces will not take too long to craft because players will often engage in PvP and loose their complete gear, so it would make no sense to design crafting as overly hard and long process. (Basic gear pieces will be easy and quick to craft, while their customization - modifying their purpose, not increasing their overall power - might require an additional time investment)

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    I wonder if horizontal progression will include actual gear progression.
    I don't see how you can make an itemization system that will make sense economy-wise unless there are atleast some bonuses to some gear pieces. But if they'll be equal in power and only differ in different features they provide, then probably those pieces that require materials from the least populated spots will cost more. But on average I think gear will be fairly cheap to replace and it can be a problem IMO. If basic and most advanced gear will barely differ it their stats, it's unlikely that they'll differ in their cost too much, apart from the best items possible.

    It comes down to fine tuning the balance of resource, currency and item flow into the game and removing it all from the game. There were no details on how it all works even approximately, so I think we won't get to know that until the game hits beta or even further, when it will have atleast a decently populated world and established ingame economy.


    The more I hear about Fractured, the more it feels like the -only- real progression will be in exploring, and in the political dynamics the players themselves will bring to the game.

    For whatever reason, that dampens my enthusiasm a little. But we'll see how it plays out.


    @roccandil This is something the developers are aware of and is something they will keep an eye on during the alpha. If the test results show that Fractured doesn't have enough long-term goals, they will look into ways to fix that.



    Very cool! 🙂


    Economy wise, materials are what will be expensive, not by type but by place where they are sold VS where they were harvested.

    Tartaros materials will be cheaper on Tartaros, but expensive on Arboreus. And vice versa. Also gear customized with Tartaros materials will be expensive on Arboreus. And so on, you get the point.

    Cheapest will be Arboreus materials, sold on Arboreus, because it will be world full of PvE players grinding in peace. RISK FREE. Tartaros materials, sold on tartaros will be more expensive than Arboreus materials sold on Arboreus.

    Gear progression will be horizontal. You will need multiple gear pieces for different situations, and if you loose fore example your fire resistance gear and you are human or beast and you require Tartaros materials, and you wish to buy them in Syndesia or in Arboreus you will pay more expensive (or if you are buying directly FR gear on those 2 planets).

    Economy focus will not be on crafting and selling, it will be on TRAVELING, because crafting isn't risky... you can craft in safety of your home. TRAVELLING is what is risky. In travelling you can lose everything.

    So if you want to get rich, you will have to risk a lot travelling with goods through open PvP full loot world.

    Do NOT be mistaken, there will be no riches in risk-free activities.

    I just hope DS sticks to their word and does not make all materials available on all planets (not even in low quantities), because that would outright ruin the game completely.

    • part of materials needs to be unique to particular planets
    • there should not be alternate materials on own plaent, that can replace materials that exist only on another planet.

    This means if you wish to craft a certain item, and it requires materials form other world, there should be no way possible to craft it with alternate materials. You should either pay for those materials more expensive to someone that risked bringing them to you, or you should go take a risk and travel yourself.

    There should also be no alternate items that are craftable with materials from own world, and offer more or less same thing as that item that requires materials from another world.

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