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    Will it be more customizable than Path of Exile

    Even if that skill tree in PoE looks like they are infinite builds in the end all players end up following the same cookie cutter build since the rest are good for nothing.


    The skill system will be different from the one in the PoE. Here you will acquire skills through various activities, not lvling up/grinding. You will have a pool of skills you can choose from and make your own build. There probably will be meta builds like in most mmo games but it depends on how well devs will balance it.


    Also we should not forget, that Jacopo said, you will need different setup for different tasks.
    Since we will have just a few active skills, you will need to respec often.
    So it is very different to PoE, even the skilltree looks similar at first view.


    Especially since this is more of a crafting based game, I would imagine not everyone would try to get builds suited for PvP. I know there are some people who want to be alchemists and farmers, so I doubt people will follow specific paths.

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    @natsha10 I can assure you that it will be nowhere close to Path of Exile for variety of reasons.
    First, PoE-like node tree and general building system requires insane amount of balancing work, and I think so, lots of lines of code, so building process in Fractured will be much more simple, even if guys will decide to add something to their current vision of builing process (Which I'd support, as I'm always for variety and complex character building).

    And, in PoE people don't just run cookie cutter builds, there are variety of builds that can work about equally well, which I think is a great success and tells alot about PoE gamedesigner's abilities.

    But for Fractured, because of it's relatively simple system, it may seem that cookie cutter builds will arise like 3 months after the start of alpha, changing to new fotm-builds at every few next patches.

    However, what Fractured is unique with - is it's dynamic combat involving surroundings, weather conditions, day/night cycles, etc. Of course I don't know how deep it goes and I didn't get any answers in my threads, but I think it's safe to assume that even the strongest fotm build will be vulnerable against other builds in certain conditions.

    Say, you have a very strong fotm-warrior build, to say in known terms. And you'd destroy a generic frost mage. But what if he's fighting in cold weather conditions? If there is water nearby? Maybe some of his abilities benefits from day/night cycle? And what abilities will he actually use? It's not known until you're deep in the fight, and it all may change the flow of combat.

    There were also statements that not all mobs are to be beaten with all types of damage. I think something was said about rock golems of some sort, which won't die to simple arrows, but maybe they'll be vulnerable to something else. As people are expected to kill mobs for resources, it's safe to say that they'll likely chose more efficient builds to do so, which means they'll differ from one area to another, depending on biomes and player activity, so the chance to be constantly meeting players that you hardcounter, even with fotm-build, reduces drastically.

    In such a plesant balancing environment, one has to be completely retarded to let fotm-build appear, with so many tools to prevent their existance. And I think Uriel knows what he's doing, which is seen from the game's concept alone.

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