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    After reading Gender of Heroes, I wonder what people think about cross-gender playing, i.e. playing as a character of the opposite gender (for this purpose I'm talking about your "main character", since I assume that people who use all their character slots will probably have characters of both genders).
    Do you sometimes cross-play?
    Also, do you often assume that the real people behind the keyboard are the same gender as the characters you see in the game?


    I always play as my gender. But I know a lot of males select female avatars.

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    I play both genders (Ieverybody has a part of feminity πŸ˜› ) I know some friends that play with the opposite gender, and I don't find it strange or else ^^

  • Iam male and i play as female a lot. It is better watching sexy avatar for hundreds ingame hours 😁

  • I usually play a female character when the game offer me a smaller\tinier graphic for that gender. As in WoW i was a Gnome and the female one was a little lower than the male counterpart. I like to be small and ninja in general.
    On Uo in a full gdr shard i never rolled a female char in 6 years tought, because gender there count a lot, as it do the race.


    Depends the class I choose. Some classes just seem better as a certain gender. An exmple is if the male avatars are massive and I'm playing a rogue, it just seems jarring for me and would opt for a female character.


    I prefer a character that looks a bit like me, because it's me in the game world. So in most games I've played a human male.


    I usually created chars with my gender until i realized something: i don't have to be my char, i just have to like him/her. ^^

    So i never know which gender i choose, before i start the game. ^^

    Sometimes i even create a new one after a few hours, because i didn't like the gender i started with. ^^


    I never really played a character of the opposite gender, but I feel like there are certain roles that feel aesthetically right to give to a certain gender. But, that depends on how the genders differ by game.


    My main is always male, unless the class I'm playing is gender locked.

    I usually have one female alt as I try to get my daughters to play games, but sadly they all go off and do things like date boys....and then they sit on the boys couch while he plays video games. ((Except this next one, she's pretty kick ass at FPS games))


    Playing same gender and then taking off your characters clothes, putting on another clothes etc. is gay.

    And I'm straight. It's why I play opposite gender. Better viewing experience. πŸ™‚


    I personally have never made a female character in a game, not sure if there's a reason for this lol. Maybe I like to imagine I'm the dude I'm playing, saving the world. Might just be me and a speckle of overactive imagination.

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    Eh, let people do what they will. No big deal. Never assume anything about a person you don't know is my rule!

    If I cross-gender character create, it is usually not a main. That, though, is more of a thing where I tend to know a bunch of people I am playing with, and we main a given gender across all games. I have absolutely no hang-ups with characters of either gender.


    My Mains are usually women, but sometimes there is a male character involved in my mainly played characters.
    For me this are mostly also more feminine characters, because iβ€˜m not a man and canβ€˜t think like a man.

    I understand that man/boys like to play female characters, especially in games where they are sexy. But very often you can easily unhide them as a real woman. πŸ˜‰

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    @kralith I actually wonder what in an MMO can give you away as a cross-player. In certain non-English games / servers it's easier because of subtle differences in how men and women speak, requiring cross-players to be really careful when chatting, however as far as English goes it's more difficult.
    Can you think of an example for a behavior that allows you to "unhide" such players?


    @nightcoder indeed, if you donβ€˜t talk in your native language, it is more complicated to target them.
    But it starts with the chosen cloths, goes over used smiles/emotes, till the small things in spoken thoughts.
    Mostly it is the combination of many small things, that is used to unhide a man behind a female character.
    Some are very obvisious, some just a gut feeling.


    @Kralith so like for example running around yelling oh my boobs are so large, touch them, touch them! 😁

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    I'm female if you didn't guess that by the username. I usually play female characters if given the choice for no other reason than I find it easier to role play a female character. I've also played male characters when a class or race I wanted is not available in female or at least genderless form. It all depends on what is available for the class/skill/race that I want to play.


    i don't consider a character in a game a reflection of myself. I pick whatever I want regardless of what I am.

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    I think it just depends on preference. I've seen females pick male characters and males pick female characters. Why? I guess a common reason given is you would rather stare at a hot guy if you're a girl or a chick if you're a guy.

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