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    My pledge was blocked by my bank. Just an FYI to anyone else who's bank might have blocked every vendor not in the US like mine seems to have done. 🙄

    It's easy to fix, I just had to call my bank, get the card unblocked for Italy, and then go to my Kickstarter pledge and click on 'Fix my Pledge' to run the card again.

    If you're not sure whether your pledge went through, check your Kickstarter page. You have seven days to get it sorted out.


    In my case I had my limits set too low. Managed to increase it with my banking app.

    For anyone in South Africa:

    Bank with Capitec. Your debit card doubles as a Credit card. Bonus is you can't go into overdraft. Thanks for opening this link. Useful place for this kind of info.


    My bank merely called me to authorize the charge and I did so. It ought to go through just fine for me now, I hope.

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    Mine blocked me, too. Was very problematic to get taken care of. I spent 45 minutes at my bank, trying multiple times to get it through. They finally fixed it. Apparently, they block "foreign transactions". It's just stupid anymore how often my legitimate payments don't go through.

    Actually, the most frustrating thing was that they called me for authorization, I said yes, and they still blocked it.

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    It seems, that Kickstarter is taken with care at the different banks.
    Cross my fingers for you all, that you can clear it.

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    Just know that since banks start blocking foreign transactions by default there has been a 90% decrease in skimming (copying cards)

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    My credit institute just messages me per SMS about "suspicious transactions" and in this reason they blocked today the card.
    It was not about my own pledge, but i used my card for 3 more friends to get a pledge, because they don't own a card by themself.
    I was calling them today, told them, which transactions are valid and they just confirmed them and opened my card again.

    Cool thing btw. because i can be sure, my credit institute is caring for my transactions 🙂

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