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    Many sandbox mmo's rely on its player base to, in a way, create content through social interaction, player organised events and world PvP. It is my opinion that although great communities can create all the content needed in a Sandbox mmo a great game would come up with ways to help promote this behaviour. An example of this is world bosses or rewards for certain objectives.

    In order to help the team with creating the best game possible I thought it would be a good idea to put our heads together and think of some fun innovative ways that the team coud help to create these fun interactions.

    Post your ideas below!


    @nortz World bosses are a banal idea. When someone comes up with something, he puts it in the discussion section. We're not sitting still.


    Muker this is the discussion section. I'm willing to discuss player led ideas,this is the right place for it. Always nice to have in one place.

    One thing I'd like to see is rare, traveling npc/mobs/monsters/resources that are not raidable without a lot of planning and effort by the players working together.

    Take the idea of a gold caravan moving from one goblin town to another. We know where the towns are and can raid the towns, but we'll have more loot in the caravan, which is more heavily guarded and pulled by a monster that has a horn useful in crafting but super rare. The monster is normally only available on tartaros in a very dangerous area, where it would be very hard for beast men for example to get to in the numbers needed to take it out.

    So they plan to go to syndesia and set up a camp near the goblin towns waiting for the caravan, and set spotters up. Call their guild mates when it comes and plan to attack. Meanwhile there are demons laying in wait to plunder them the moment they succeed so they have had to hire mercenaries from syndesia as protection duty.

    I'm also quite certain that the asteroids will work as instances that will require players to work in community in this fashion. For one, I'm sure humans will be able to build some tech to get there, but how demons or beast men can without hasn't been answered.


    @greenfire If the search to drive "boss" or "world boss", then you will be given a lot of similar discussions. I'm not saying we're not going to discuss it, I'm saying the idea is trivial in itself

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    I think lead ins are an important thing. Small clues scattered around the world to various things, that can be random and repeated in different locations even, can make a huge difference. My idea is thus:

    Person A finds some small trinket that has no apparent effect. The writing on it is something they do not recognize. They take it to the closest town, where several other players join them in looking for clues in any literature around.

    Person B in a different part of the world has found a map with somewhat newer writing, noting that to get to 'the good stuff' they will need several keys and a guide. It also has a second note that indicates a 'lost library that may help translate older writings.'

    Person C finds a book with such writing, but does not have the tools to translate it fully.

    A number of other people also have found some trinkets.

    The players all look or sell off the items, slowly allowing them to gather as people look for answers and the rewards that may be at hand. That doesn't mean it is guaranteed awesome stuff, but a good mystery where the key items require a little community factor (whether you murder, bribe, intimidate, cooperate, or whatever to get it all gathered) would be interesting to see!

    It would also work well with the knowledge systems, as potentially certain knowledge areas would be needed for access to certain of the information or clues.

    This could lead into player led events as well, such as players looking for something in a given area and 'hiring' people to find it for a reward. Alternatively, players could make their own such quests, given the tools to do so.

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    @muker Bosses was just an example... This isn't another post about bosses. Please stop acting like you own the forum.


    @specter Perhaps, let's just say, the translation changes into a "rough" form a little.
    usually threads with the phrase"let us discuss" (there is in view all in General) - empty, no one is discussing, I have long noticed. Okay, now I admit that the themes of this plan are now relevant because of the arrival of a large number of players


    About crafting:

    1. Places of Power: You can craft with any station. Cities can build special craft stations to boost the output of situational gear bonus and...sure, open world game can have special craft stations (like ESO ''open world'' craft stations), contested places to craft cool gear.

    2. Reforging gear: i think its a cool idea: if you ''crit'' the crafting, you can have a ''masterwork gear''. Masterwork gear can ''lvl up'' and, one day, you can break masterwork gear to reforge and build ''legendary gear''. Not legendary by power, but legendary like "Safonas, reforged blade of pain''. So you can gather ''legends'' (with the knowledgment system) across the world and reforge, like a enchanting system, but more ''organic''.

    So, you can forge a MW sword within the Peak of Fire (and have a bonus, like +1 Fire dmg). So, you adventure with the MW Sword, and ''lvl up'' the sword. One day, you gather enough ''Fire Legends" (with the knowledgment system), and reforge the Sword as "The Flaming Bite", a Fire Sword with a minor fire dot.


    @jairone Definitely reminds me of clue scrolls, from Runescape.. Seems no other game has done it in a similar way as them though, that would be cool if they did.


    Speaking of Runescape, since this game will also have Gods, playing a significant role as well, they should maybe include some kind of God arena/dungeons ⚔ where you actually get to fight one of the opposing gods.

    I think you would have to be really strong and have done a high amount of worship to the opposite gods ⚖ , or something along those lines.

    The loot/items you get from the Gods, would be highly valuable and actually have the Gods Symbol 🔱 , but will also be non-trad-able, to reduce constant camping/price skyrocket.

    This is a rough concept and can be thought out way more.


    @vollmond said in Let's help design the game!:

    you can have a ''masterwork gear'

    I don't think it will be possible since an item must non influence you're skill play and since there no "colored leveled gear" here if I have read well.

    Also, you'll probably have skill abilities to add elemental damage on weapons


    I like @Vollmond idea, and if @Gofrit is right then maybe it isn't necessarily an OP weapon but just like a cool piece of uber rare armor/weapon that has some kind of lore tagged to it (and obviously looks badass). Like "Crown of Crushed Nettles" was worn by a beastman king who fought bravely to protect his people from a demon invasion, but was defeated nonetheless.


    Only problem I have with the title is we don't have any say with design of the game. we may ask for things, we may believe something will work great, we may even point to other games where something has failed but none of that matters because it's up to DS to decide what suggestions they use from the community or none at all.


    @jetah sounds like you do agree with the title to me



    nah, reading comprehension.


    Personally, I think the dev team have got this.

    It's when communities think they're running a game that all manner of major issues start.

    Let the devs do their thing. We'll feedback on it.


    Having 2 types of profession plans:

    • standard plans as in all classic MMOs for creating the gear the first time around, works like usually
    • backup plans to create an accurate blueprints of physical items you already own, making a backup plans would be a profession feature (perhaps new profession or just part of existing one) and it would allow you to inspect an item you already have and create it's blueprints. These blueprints would allow you to re create this exact item at a bit reduced resource cost (maybe 20% lower cost) due to having it's higher level plans.

    Creating backup plans would need some investment too, so it would be like insurance, you pay in advance to create these plans, if nothing happens to your item, you wasted money but you are insured, because if you lose your item you will be able to re create it a bit cheaper later on, and you mitigate part of damage done to you.

    Profession that allows to create backup plans could be called plan drawing and could be used to create plans of already existing gear, but perhaps also to create plans of already existing houses, for the same purpose (houses will be destructable I believe).


    So what do you think? 🙂

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