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    So hero and guild creation now live in the foundation. I'll sum up some info about races, gods that i learned from the spotlight #1 and the spotlight #2. During character creation, your race limits what gods you can choose, which in turn restricts your alignment options.

    • RACES


    Also known as Tiger-Kin, the Chadra, whose body is substantially larger than an average human, are the beastmen most endowed with quick reflexes and agility. Real jacks-of-all-trades, they excel in most fighting styles thanks to the accuracy of their attacks, and can resort to magic to further increase their combat prowess.
    When transformed into their primal form, the tiger, the Chadra enjoy an even higher movement speed and attack precision. Plus, they gain access to unique abilities aimed at catching up with fleeing targets and hitting their vital spots, causing severe wounds that lead victims to quickly bleed to their deaths.

    Also known as Wolf-Kin, the Udoadra are regarded as the most social and friendly family among all beastmen. While not larger than a human, they are considerably stronger and more resilient.
    Udoadra’s true excellence lies in coordinated group fighting, as they are the keepers of ancient secrets that allow them to increase the power of their pack. A group of Udoadra is truly an unstoppable force of nature! Moreover, their social skills and attachment to other living being make them unparalleled animal trainers.
    When transformed into their primal form, the wolf, the Udoadra gain speed and additional pack bonuses, unlocking abilities designed to empower allies and to cooperatively damage or restrain even the most powerful opponents.

    Also known as Bear-Kin, the Nheedra are the largest and bulkiest of all beastmen, endowed with the greatest strength and endurance, but also slower and clumsier compared to the members of other families. Even more than the average beastman, Nheedra are exceptional druids, able to harness the natural energy of Arboreus and shape it into elemental manifestations.
    When transformed into their primal form, the bear, the toughness and regenerative abilities of Nheedra become even more impressive. Plus, they gain several abilities designed to overwhelm their opponents with raw power, stunning them or cleaving them with their immense strength.

    Also known as Hart-Kin, Erwydra are smart, agile and perceptive creatures, but physically weaker than the members of other beastman families.
    Thanks to their superior intelligence, the Erwydra are naturally inclined toward magical practices and enjoy the advantages of an excellent memory. The weakness of their bodies is compensated by the ease with which they can escape from dangerous situations, both by physical and by magical means.
    When transformed into their primal form, the hart, the Erwydra gain access to abilities that allow them to block or deflect magical attacks and to charge through enemy lines. In case they need to leave the battlefield, they can rely on even higher movement speed and escape abilities.


    Also known as Vampires, Blood Demons are among the most intelligent and cunning creatures in Fractured. Standing slightly taller than the average human, they’re much stronger than what they look like at a glance.
    Although Blood Demons thoroughly enjoy drinking the blood of other living creatures, they don’t need to do so in order to survive. However, the taste of human blood – especially that of the pure ones – grants them extraordinary powers for a while, both physical and magical.
    Adding to the above, Blood Demons can easily master any type of sorcery, and excel at mental abilities and blood magic, making them even more formidable foes.

    Also known as Nightmares, Shadow Demons are the undoubted masters of assassination, helped by the relatively small size of their bodies – no larger than those of humans – that make them the smallest of all demons on Tartaros.
    Shadow Demons are agile and evasive creatures, aces of disguise and illusion, naturally proficient in the use of traps and poisons. Attuned to obscurity, they enjoy a wide array of benefits during nighttime or when moving through dark environments.

    Also known as Infernals, Hellfire Demons have gigantic, muscular bodies that endow them with inhuman strength and make them the creatures most feared by humans, beastmen, and other demons alike.
    Hellfire Demons are skilled and powerful fighters, generally oblivious of trickeries and battle tactics, whose greatest love is to charge head-first whenever the occasion for a fight arises. Thanks to their innate affinity with fire, they can easily use any fire-related ability and are able to survive in extremely warm environments.
    As further bonus to their battle prowess, their racial bonuses get stronger over the course of a tough battle, setting the thick veins that run through the skin of their bodies afire.

    Stained by the sin of the Great Betrayal and the ultimate culprits of the chain of events that led to the Fracture, humans are the inhabitant of Syndesia, a poor copy of the glory of Elysium, rich with resources but deprived of all primal energy.
    Curious and inquisitive beings by nature, humans often spend their lives trying to gather more knowledge, power, or wealth. Unlike beastmen and demons, they aren’t born with an innate alignment: free will is their biggest privilege, and with it the ability to forge their own destiny.
    Together with alignment, humans lack the physical advantages both demons and beastman are born with – but this absence is made even by their ability to delve into any field of knowledge, be it combat-related or magical. Moreover, humans have learnt to design and produce artifacts to enhance their cities, their homes, and ultimately their own bodies – and their technological progress doesn’t seem to be slowing down.
    After the Fracture, it didn’t take long for humans to re-establish an organized feudal society on Syndesia. From reigns to regions, from large towns to small villages, the power of territorial authorities is the backbone of human society… although, of course, it’s never been boundless. Banditry is a plague against which the forces of law and order have to fight every day, and it’s a well-known fact there are entire guilds fully dedicated to unlawful activities on Syndesia – one just needs to know where to find them.
    Ultimately, it seems the biggest danger for the thriving human civilization is the human heart itself.

    • GODS


    • Is thought to be the source of Arboreus’ primal energy


    • God of light and justice


    • Planet: SYNDESIA (HUMAN)
    • Goddess of fortune and mother of all humans


    • Goddess of the wild and mother of all beastmen


    • Planet: TARTAROS (DEMONS)
    • Tartaros became the prison of the dread Babilis, left to be the only god watching over the planet and its demonic progeny


    • Planet: SYNDESIA (HUMAN)
    • God of knowledge and keeper of the nine paths of magic

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    I know it was born of the best intentions, OP, but wouldn't links to the actual article make things a bit less cloggy?

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    @holyavengerone said in Races, Gods info (for hero profile creation):

    I know it was born of the best intentions, OP, but wouldn't links to the actual article make things a bit less cloggy?

    sorry for my English, i'm so confused about "wouldn't links to the actual article make things a bit less cloggy?" meaning. anyway, i edited my post above to add the link to the actual article. enjoy

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