This might be killing fractured population

  • Hi

    When buying the founder pack on launch I faced a few issues.
    Couldn't use amazon pay - (I believe it said the address does not match? I tried MANY times and no joy.)
    Can't pay with a card, I think it said that the service is unavailable, tried many times different browsers.
    My Paypal was not having it as well..

    I was going to give up, but gave it another go - asked to use my girlfriends paypal and I think I used internet explorer on that try and managed to get it work, at the final attempt

    I thought only I had such issues therefore did not bother reporting it however recently on in-game chat I seen lots and lots of people reporting same issue and speculating about how many players must of just decided not to buy the game because of the difficulties they faced trying to purchase it.
    I think fractured could have a lot more players if not for it being so difficult to just Pay for the product. Please look into it

    other than that:

    1. not everyone has PayPal
    2. not everyone has amazon
    3. You really need a basic ''put your card details in to pay'' sort of system so it's easily accessible for everyone

    I like fractured and want as many people playing as possible so fingers crossed you can do it.

    I'm not sure how many people faced similar issues but I've met at least 6.

    ps. I realize this is beta, but building a player base now will only ever do good for Fractured.

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    @Contucky The problem with the various pay methods is each one generally requires some kind of Merchant Account. Not every developer can get multiple merchant accounts, and the deal with each account can have different and sometimes very unattractive terms. This is why many online retailers will stick to only a couple of pay methods, and not branch out, because the cost of variety can end up being too much for the merchant.


    Between this and the traveling bug between the islands and i'm reasonable certain we've already lost people. I know for a fact we've lost a lot of people because these and other major issues have not been resolved.

    Not really buying the merchant account thing either. Amazon is universal. Paypal is universal. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, all universal. One of these will be accepted virtually anywhere

    Saw a guy the other day in player-help from spain. NONE of those could be used. a pretty fair portion of the world population, or least people who would be buying the game, have bank accounts. Or at least some form of Debit card, which typically will be visa.

    I also find it strange that from the US i haven't heard of anyone using any of those methods having issues. and yet foreigners seem to have nothing but issues. And gamino is an EU company is it not?

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    The Launcher is hosted by Gamigo US. Maybe the store too.


    Well that guy from spain listed some pretty out there payment options, none of which i recognized. Which admittedly doesn't mean that much, just saying that if its hosted by the US side then shouldn't US type payments be accepted?

    There's just to many unnecessary issues with taking peoples money.

  • @DarthJafo

    Yes, good note -

    I'm in the UK and guys I spoke to that had similar issues are in Europe as well.

    I Think that perhaps the amazon pay only works for US of the A

  • Probably also worth mentioning that once the game is on Steam, it will be able to be paid for via their methods.

    I.e, you can buy steam gift cards etc.

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    @DarthJafo Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and AMEX aren't directly handled by those companies, they are processed by Merchant Accounts. When you want to take payments, you get a merchant account, like a bank account, set up to process credit cards. Each merchant account provider has different rates and rules, and criteria for acceptance of an account, which can include country of origin, business type, etc... Paypal is for instance just another Merchant Account provider, they just so happen to specialize in online transactions. They own Venmo, another popular company,

    Each merchant account also generally has their own processing applet that you can plug into your virtual storefront, with its own integration issues.

    As to concerns I've heard about adding new features while there are still severe bugs that haven't been fixed, people also need to realize there are generally some programmers that work specifically on bugs, and others developing features. New features will still be coming out, even as bugs haven't been fixed yet, because often original programmers aren't the best choice for bug sweepers, just like an author should never edit their own work...your brain will self-correct your code and you will pass over simple mistakes because you 'see' what you meant, not what is there...and with coding, it can be the difference between a capital and a lower cased letter sometimes. Also, when you are bug fixing, you first need to be able to reproduce the bug in order to explore what's going wrong, and then you go through how to solve it...just because lots of people report something doesn't mean it is even the same cause...just saying


    I have not heard of any of those payments methods people have listed. If you want people to buy your product you should use globally valid payment options, that is literally your first thing to do ensure that your game can be bought easily.

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