Feature Spotlight #6 - PvP, Alignment & Crime

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    Hi everyone!

    Now that the last Feature Spotlight has officially ended the series of updates dedicated to the Knowledge System, it’s about time we move to what is likely to be the most debated topic in the history of the Fractured community - and that of the MMO genre in general.

    The topic, of course, is Player Versus Player.

    Since the very beginning, we’ve stated how Fractured wants to cater to the needs of peaceful/cooperative and aggressive/competitive players alike, allowing them to coexist in a single, massive game server. How does that happen in reality? Come find out!

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    As always, let us know what you think about this new sneak peek and check out the end of the article to find out what we're covering next!

    Enjoy Fractured!

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @prometheus thank you so much for this 😍


    What is Karma? Simply put, it’s an indicator of where your character stands between Good and Evil. It ranges from -10,000 (Diabolic) and +10,000 (Holy), and changes according to your behavior in game

    Why not make it to go far behind the +/- 10k? like if a evil assassin wishes to became the most dangerous it could try to reach deeply over -10k same way one that would like to play as a justice paladin cound try to go far behind +10k for his personal pride.


    Last but not least, the two following criminal flags restrict your Alignment selection as well:

    • Thief. You get this when stealing from a Good or Neutral player. It lasts for 24 real-world hours, and prevents you from choosing a Good Alignment.
    • Murderer. You get this when executing a Good or Neutral player. It lasts for 48 real-world hours, and forces you to pick an Evil alignment.

    What about to add an option for guilds like: When kicking some one for a good reason like an "exploit" to flag and restrict that player as:

    • Spy. You get this when sabotagins a Good or Neutral guild. It leasts for X real-world hours, and forces you to pick an Evil alignment.


    By becoming the Champion of a God, you are granted a unique blessing in the form of a permanent status effect, plus the chance to use one or more Divine Abilities that don’t have to be memorized.

    Is it possible to know those spells (Abilities)?

    Regarding the design choices related to the three planets I can be fully satisfied. At least as far as the spotlight is concerned, now all we have to do is test it!



    That was a good read. Definitely answered questions and some speculation we had.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    The most awaited spotlight is here ^^ What happen if a beastmen become an Abomination or a demon an Angel ? Do they earn special abilities and lossing some ? Is there a modification in their skin (for example, a beastmen who is perverted by evil can see his body change). When you talk about real-world hours, does it count hours offline ? Or the countdown stop when we disconnect ?


    So with only the human planet Syndesia mentioning guild pvp/land claim does this imply its the only place for guilds to take land and control it?

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @esher I think they will be conisdered as non native race so Beastman Abominion will be like a Demon and a Demon Angel will be like a Beastman. For sure would be cool a skin changin.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @lovechildbell I think we'll get it in the next spotlight. This news was jut to clarify the game play as PvP or PvE. But I assume that siege will happen only on Syndesia ;).


    Liking the way this sounds.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    I really love the thought and depth to these systems. Good job fractured!!!


    :call_me_tone2: Yeah ! Good news !!


    So being evil restrict you from some of pve content on Arboreus, right? Or it's the same for good characters and Tartaros?


    Interestingt to read but open PvP with full loot is not good for any game. Does not matter what system you make up ! This is end for me, good luck.

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    This is an awesome update. One thing that stood out to me is the “unconscious” player state that seems like it will be interesting. Does a player just go unconscious automatically at low health? Or are there special skills to knock out other players?

    Also, the timers for the flags could use sone clarification. If a person is flagged as a theif then goes out and steals again does the timer just reset or does it add on to the time left over on the first theft? I could see players getting very long flags if it just adds on time, whereas if it just resets a player would be more likely to go on a crime spree since the relative additional punishment is less.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @finland yeah i'm really excited to see what effects those changes will have on the race

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @morridin I think the flag time will be refreshed anyway the killing spree is limited by the aligment time. They will have not much time to kill people on Arboreus (30 mins for evil).

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @oobenonioo the idea on a redeemed Demon becaming an Angel (skin variation) make me feel like: "shit I want make one" 😍. I really love this spotlight especially the way to flag thiefs and assassins and the restrinctions on the planets. I really think that my fellows PvErs will be not worried about gankers on Arboreus :).


    @ganytaj It does say you pretty much wont get attacked on Arboreus, so there wont be any open PvP. Unless you mean being a demon or human, but then you're going out of your way to not chose the right option for yourself lol.

    @Prometheus Bloody good post, thank you for putting all the debates to rest 🙂 Looking forward to the game even more now.


    Lovely read and I am getting excited about the game now.

    In the spotlight it's said that humans with good alignment can only stay on Arboreus for 20/40 hours.
    I had this plan to make a Demon and get it to good alignment and live on Arboreus, but by the sound of it, I guess this would be impossible...

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    A justice system still allows you to be murdered and looted. We know it’s enough to please those of you who seriously dislike PvP.

    Shouldn't that be "isn't enough"?

    And important questions: how are good demons treated on Arboreus and how are evil beastman treated on Tartaros?

    It looks good and promising 😄 So a PvP hating demon here hopeful for a nice gameplay.


    Can you play the game as long as you want while completely avoiding all PvP?

    e.g.: You will never be flagged and/or attacked?

    From reading the blog post, my take is that there always exists a risk of getting ganked...


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