Alpha Weekend starts today!

  • Hello adventurers,

    the Alpha Weekend is upon us and we prepare a dedicated FAQ with most of your questions!

    ⚔ Read the FAQ and get ready for the Alpha Weekend!⚔

    Read the FAQ and started testing?
    Give us all of your reports and feedback in the comments!

    See you in-game!


    Rather disappointed that no skills or equipment will be given to players... especially since it takes so long to build a city up to get access to them. Sigh... So we are just going to be running around in rags and hide for the test?


    One thing to consider on the character screen, is put a description of what all the attributes do. Having to plus and minus them and check the modifiers will be awkward for new players.


    Typo in Starter Quest

    Starting Area:

    Quest Name: Backer or Baker:

    Quest says to gather Rye from farmland in town.

    Farmland in town actually has field wheat in it.

    Item in inventory is Rye.

  • Probably not a big deal, but I was making my character and both the Hair and Skin color areas are labeled "Skin Color"

  • In character creation, the hair color option is also called skin color.


    When lockpicking a goblin chest, can't loot items in the chest. Tried right clicking, left clicking, dragging it into inventory. Not overweight as well.

  • Using left CTRL for preset hotkey on auto run and using ctrl for setting for setting your preset icons makes you start running when in the menu.

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    @Jahlon this is a legacy typo issue. You used to harvest wheat for quest, but players were stockpiling starter wheat to quick upgrade their cities so it changed to Rye, but the tool tip for town wheat never got updated


    Spamming a dash ability on the north starting zone bridge actually got me stuck under it, a zone player should not have access to.

  • This post is deleted!


    Just got access to the alpha weekend and it opened with the setting option of use "my monitor" ticked it was actually on wide screen (my monitor is 3440 x 1440p) and epic settings, that gave me 88 FPS and no warping, however, not sure what res it actually was because there are no widescreen options shown in the advanced settings even though this clearly worked. The screen was not cropped to fit a window and when I clicked advanced and changed it to the highest setting shown of 2560 x 1440p all it did was crop in the sides and increase the FPS to 141. I did have a hell of job getting it back to widescreen though when I tried to click straight back to the "my monitor" mode, but eventually found that I first had to actually apply one of the advanced settings shown as a window mode and them swap back to "my monitor" option to get widescreen back? Interested to find out what widescreen is supported and would be good to have them actually shown in the advanced option section. As for game play I had pretty good FPS through out as stated above, with a 240s ping, but I did get repeated lag/stutter on motion and combat at regular intervals as well as disconnected back to the server screen a few times during approx. 1 hour of today, which would be too much outside of testing.

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  • Another set of cart issues:

    1. If you can't get disconnected from a cart using hotbar1 then if you log out you cannot log back in. eventually you die and can get back, but have to run back to body

    2. if you have a horse-drawn wagon, dismounting without disconnecting cart makes you unable to disconnect cart and you walk around like a hand cart. Eventually you hit issue 1.

  • Heavy desync, played for 2h to get the reward and that is. Not gonna bother playing with 160-200ms, until there are EU servers I am not gonna consider playing anymore.


    Almost all chests on the map can be opened, but the gold or items cannot be removed

  • Immediately when I tried to download it, my antivirus claims fractured-setup.exe is dangerous and should not be downloaded. Well, I did download it and are installing now.

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    Great news

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    On death, I chose to respawn at the nearest city. So far so good. I respawned with equipped boots, hat, weapons and arrows, but not jacket or pants. Was the intention to have equipment persist after death or not?

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    It depends on the planet.

    On Arboreus the equip stays with you (you lose the inventory).
    On Tartarus you lose everything.
    On Syndesya, which is where this test is taking place, you lose your inventory and a number of items from equipment depending on your alignment.
    1-2 if you are good
    3-4 if neutral
    All if evil.

    Since you are good, you lost 2 pieces of equip.

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