Best Guess Summer Alpha?

  • Hey guys. I know a lot of you have been here a long time and been through several test phases.
    Any good guesses on when this summer alpha hits? And will there be a wipe for when it starts?
    Thanks for any info. Great game so far with so much potential.


    Wipe for sure, but exact date is not known yet.

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    Wipes are after every test phase, Alpha and Beta, devs assured us of that, and it is standard at least in Alpha.

    Exact date won't be known until it actually launches, but the devs should be giving us a "End of _______" or "in ________" message soon that will tell us around when to expect it. Generally there will end up being a delay enough that it will most likely be the end of the month listed or the beginning of the next even if they plan otherwise. (not their fault, they want us to test the best produce we can and unforeseen delays happen right before a new Alpha all the time)

    Anyway, expect a roadmap soon, as that's the next thing they promised us, and the new anticipated window of when the next Alpha will start should be included in the Roadmap.

  • @GamerSeuss Good write up! Thank you! I'm excited for this next launch.

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