Only two new posts in the forums since I checked in yesterday at this time. I have never seen the post count on the forums be so low as the last few weeks. Is all the action over on the discord now? or perhaps vacation season has begun? Or its just the part of the natural game development cycle (nothing new to discuss)? Or most worrying that interest is beginning to wane?

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    I guess there isn't much new to discuss, kinda waiting for the new Roadmap and such now

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    All waiting for developers move 😉


    Been some time since i came to the game page because I'm kind of waiting for that big BOOM announcement that brings back interest for this game to a lot of people.


    @Gibbx said in Wow:

    (...)nothing new to discuss(...)

    Counterquestion: What new would you discuss right now? Other than the absence of something new to discuss 😉
    I'd say it's natural that people are getting burned out and interest/hype is coming in waves, especially when some mechanics are 'love or hate' (PvP).


    @Logain Sure I agree that interest comes in waves but that being said I have not seen a time when interest from the community has fallen so low. The lull at the end of a test phase is not unexpected but I did not expect the forums to fall off the cliff.


    It's the start of summer and the end of the test. Depending on where a player is located, restrictions may be lifting at the same time that weather is getting nice. I know I'm spending less time on the forum and more time outside now that I don't have to worry quite so much about it being fatal. #VaccinatedLife


    Nothing new to discuss, we're now all waiting for the next test session to be announced. Players play the test, give feedback, test ends, wait for next test. Some people do the daily postings for the Foundation points, but it's kind of hard to have something to talk about if we already talked about it all and are now waiting for the next news. It would be kind of strange actually to expect more posts right now... what would we even talk about? o_o

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