It's missing.....


    Whats missing I hear you ask (well maybe).

    The fun is my reply.

    Is it me or is the whole of Fractured just about mechanics ? build, craft, enchant, ?

    I have played in some part in all of the previous alpha's, and I can honestly say, although I find many things and concepts intresting, I am a gamer and so far I have yet to find any part of the gameplay fun, putting aside the many many bugs, yes I understand its alpha and thats why we are here (or at least should be), I am getting no sense of ahievement or gratification for any gameplay.

    Is it just me .... and or am I missing something ?


    Well we're missing legends, dungeons, labyrinths, metroids and PvP. And of course some mechanics aswell. So it's still a long way to go to see the gameplay achievments 🙂


    and missing sound effects, cutting wood, mining stone, horse galloping, not having these sounds oddly throws me off, not sure why

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    Alphas are purely about mechanics and bug finding, Betas are about Achievements and Quality of Life fixes, then going live is the finished product. Keep in mind, many alphas have no element of heavy graphics yet either, and don't give a whole continent to explore initially.

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    A lot of things are missing, that's my only defense for the game. That will be repeated.

    As for the current game play, a lot of the game is built on discovery, grinding and refinement.
    This can get dull for people who've played thought it a few times as there's nothing more to discover for them.
    Normally the next step is a challenge, what will becoming this week in the forms of legends.

    I feel that currently the citys need more, let them have more flavor objects.
    They need playershops and gold sinks to flush out a semi basic economy.

    I don't think the average conquester type player will find this game fun for along time, namly because they do w/e once and hate doing it over and over again.
    It would be better to flush out the game for merchant type players first.


    Interestingly enough, I'm having a blast with this test. However, I'm also a player that loves the building, crafting, and town management aspects. Then when I get a little tired of hunting for protein, or stocking up on stone and ore, I go grind for some gold, skills, and knowledge. At this point Fractured went from something I was interested in but not sure I'd dedicate too much time to, to a game I think could be my primary MMO.



    So I'm interested how you would compare this to another simliar game ... lets say Atlas (a lot of people seem to have mentioned it in game recently when i was reading global chat so why not use it).

    What exactly were you doing in Atlas that wasnt:

    @Stacy555 said in It's missing.....:

    build, craft, enchant

    Because the way I see it the only real thing left is taming/breeding (which is also coming to this game in some respect as far as I can tell) and PvP .... All the other things you would do was to enable one of these things. You would do power stones to learn more stuff, and have higher lvl for pvp and crafting. You would kill ghost ships to get better BPs so you could craft more stuff so you could pvp more stuff. You built boats for the very same reason and you did treasures again for the very same reasons 😐

    To me it sounds more like you might have burned out, I get it I have put Fractured on the back burner atm and am waiting for a bit more stuff to test and play around with since for the most part I have done everything that I set out to do. There is nothing wrong with that 😄 plenty of games out there and Fractured is not going anywhere 👅 .


    @vedran625 I never played Atlas, so have no comment.

    It's interesting that from 6 posts 2 have included the word grind, and that was one of the things that was advertised as not part of the game due to no leveling, but there it is.

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