Game suggestions


    Game suggestion from various guild members.

    In random order
    -- Some things may already be planned just the feedback from our group --

    • Festivals in start cities from time to time improves social interaction

    • Ability to safe towards own city festivals. Start this quest in the town hall, gather/ craft the needed resources if you reach this you will be able to host a festival.

    • Possibility to name chests

    • City planning map pre-planning / map of your own city

    • Building name/type hovering over construction buildings

    • Toggle combat. In combat mode trees fade / no lumberjack option

    • Freedom in setting permissions example carts: Personal / Guild / Party / City same for chests

    • Ability to sell food / drinks / potions at the Tavern

    • Optional small contribution from travelers to make use of the fireplace in a town

    • Cart pulled by two horses for more speed or dual carts

    • Marker for the cart on the mini map / Toggle which ones you want visible

    • Wagon to wagon trade system

    • Warehouses

    • Ability to see the activity history of craft stations - who used them and what did they make

    • Pick up box / shelfs for orders that are ready. Imagine blacksmith who made a sword or gear for someone

    • See ownership of a house when hovering over it

    • Auto-run option

    • Bows need tweaking: Short bow should have a higher attack speed to make up for the lower damage compared to the long bow.

    • Bow crafting can be more interesting: type of wood gives different stats (that seems to be coming already) / Type of rope influences the bow handle / damage . Special armor that is focused for the archer

    • smoke signals, some craftable you can throw in campfire that will be shown in minimap for some time. To help parties gather together. (When youre not in party, so it will be shown all people near that campfire)

    • Recall runes, as per good old Ultima Online

    -- updated 12-11-2020 --
    -- updated 19-11-2020 --
    -- updated 30-11-2020 --


    • 2 horses in front of a wagon for faster travel.
    • bigger wagon with 2 horses (60 slots), same speed travel as now with 1 horse.
    • bigger wagon with 4 horses (60 slots) for faster travel.
    • 4 horses wagon with material slots (30 slots) and seats to carry 4 people.


    The bigger wagons in this case i would make super slow on anything but roads.


    Double the movement speed of all horses...


  • Wiki Editor

    Normally before I make a post on the forums I talk to my guildies to flush out idea's.
    We had the same idea

    • Toggle combat. In combat mode trees fade / no lumberjack option

    They already have "combat mode" so when in combat mode disable the ability to click on trees and instead click though them.

    • When tree's are bellow you on the screen make them fade, 30-50% opc.

    This will likely happen at some point

    • Freedom in setting permissions example carts: Personal / Guild / Party / City same for chests

    The dev's already said this would happen. but from what i've seen with carts being littered everywhere, I'd like them to be more expensive and if you leave a cart in the wilds or outside a warehouse/ shop for more then 10 minutes it should lose all it's rights and become unclaimed.

    • Warehouses

    Planned feature and will be coming this week appenrlty.

  • Life leech ability or enchant for melee and spells. Please!
    Also removing the purple after dieing from campfire.

  • Wiki Editor

    @bazzle said in Game suggestions:

    Also removing the purple after dieing from campfire.

    This feature was introduced for this test.
    And i think it should not get removed again, because it would be a step back from the vision about "It matters, how you prepare yourself, before you are going to an adventure."
    Removing all the bad stuff again at a simple campfire would make Taverns almost useless.
    I like that you have to be more careful now, that you have to try not getting KOed.



    We have a city planner here that you can use:
    We will be updating it every test phase a week or two after the test phase has started and we are able to get all the new information.

    Currently you can only place buildings in the public version, but look forward to being able to place furniture inside of the buildings soon.



    Yes.. I very much prefer their current death system as opposed to their prior death system. This one is much smoother and a lot less confusing all around. No one spams the chats asking "what the hell is this yellow bar? stamina?"


    Yoga profession, that would allow you to climb the rocky terrain better, and stretch your legs wide enough to be riding 2 horses at same time for double speed!


    Love all the previous suggestions but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD get us some autorun and maybe some tab target ❤

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