The Trees are Our Enemy


    So, every time I try to fight an enemy under a tree the dang tree insists on joining the fight. Oh sure it has never actually hit back but it might as well have. When I suddenly begin chopping at that tree instead of swinging on my true opponent it can cause all kinds of problems.

    I propose that in order to be able to chop trees or harvest plants we need to Tab-Click (or whatever button is clever.) This is not the same as Tab-Targeting as it is noncombat related. It simply means that during combat you can’t accidentally click on a tree or plant; the same would apply to running. (Yippee, the trees are friendly again! No more accidentally chopping trees in combat or stopping to pick up unwanted plants on a long run.) Just my $0.02


    Best solution I've read yet, Tab target trees and plants +1 from me.


    I like ideas that add quality of life 🙂

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    F is a pretty common key for "interact with target".


    Either that or diminish the area to target the tree to trunks specific instead the whole crown of the trees... I was trying to run from a gang of monsters only to see my character select a tree to chop. Also, while shooting my mage staff it starts shooting trees?!?!?! Why? must be a bug.


    There is actually a "combat toggle mode" planned, where if you are in combat, then you won't be able to click on a tree and start picking branches instead. I believe the devs were trying to implement it earlier but haven't had the chance to do so yet.

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