• Well, came across some youtube videos that led me out this way. Didn't even realize a game like this was in development, but it's definitely the type of game I will be interested in playing. Since I looked at your kickstarter goals, the fact that you paused them definitely brings hope to me, I donated to a kickstarter once and I don't think I'll ever see the light of day for that game. Usually when more kickstarter goals get added is when a game starts to become more than what it needs to be imo, so hopefully you guys just stick to your main vision on what you want it to be.That being said hopefully make a into a gaming home, going to do a bit more reading around on the forums before buying one of the kickstarter pledge packs. Here is a little about my past games.

    I would say the first time I ever played an MMORPG was Runescape back in 2006, I still like to get on it every now and then, but obviously the pvp isn't the greatest. It's also the definition of leveling grinding, most of my buddies I hung out with on it have since moved on from it also. I wanted to do WoW back during Burning Crusade, but I was probably 13 at the time I wanted to play that, no job, no money, and parents were not going to pay for it or put credit card info for it. So I like to be there on game releases, when it works out. I did manage to do that for games like Guild Wars 2 and Wild Star when they launched, but sadly didn't have that group of people to make me stick with them.

    Some other games I've played in that past that I put a load of time in would be things like Destiny, Diablo 3, Monster Hunter Worlds not really games that you'd consider relatable to this. But at some point they all three had game play that kept me coming. Destiny with it's player vs player, Diablo 3 was just a good way to blow away enemies one after another whether it was solo or with friends. Monster Hunter Worlds, pretty similar to just learning how to kill monsters and helping friends do so. I can definitely see a lot of player vs player and just blowing monsters away in this game, so hopefully it will be an easy stick. Currently pouring my life into WoW.

    I read a few forum posts before posting this, but definitely reminds me a bit of a few other games. But this is more of just the overview how it's a bit related to like Legends of Aria and Albion Online. These were two games I was really interested in, but I believe they have the "grind" that is being avoided on this game. Which is basically say I played one of those for a month, then a friend irl wanted to join me, it'd basically be a big babysitting session to help level him up, not to mention the pre-set abilities. That's why the fact you can learn different abilities off animals you kill, that really caught my eye. Since that opens the door to a lot of different things character customizing wise.

    Definitely pumped to test this game out and see it release. It seems like you guys are making something realistic vs something that could end up being like the Titanic. Not to mention the Demon race is definitely an interesting curve I want to try out. I've always wanted to play more than your usual Human or Elf, like actually be the "bad guy" race for once, not your opposite side race.

    (I guess, I sort of made this for the creating a topic quest and to sort of let people know a bit of background game wise.)


    @Hilge well damn welcome too the community that's a lengthy ass introduction but w can't hope too see you in the world ( hopefully as a demon ) If not than your just on the list of people too kill (welcome )

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    Welcome. If you want more information about the game you can visit wiki or just ask here on the forum. Cya in the game


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    @Hilge Hello and welcome aboard

  • Thank you all of the welcomes.

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    Welcome in the community! 😄


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    Welcome to Fractured!
    I hope you're going to enjoy your time here!

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    welcome, hope you enjoy the game


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