Is this game worth it

  • for those who played already, was this game worth it?


    Define your parameters of whats worth it or not?

    Everything is generally objective so if you tell us what your criteria of what you think is worth it, we can probably help you out with that.

    This game is currently on Alpha stage so what's worth it for alpha testers might not be worth it for another person.

  • By worth I mean in terms of... Based on the Alpha, does the game seem to have a promising end game. or replayablity


    I can play tetris over and over again and not get bored, thats replayability as well.

    What exactly is it that you're looking for?
    Do you want my definition of why i think this game is worth it?

    For me i think it's worth it as the goals of this game seems realistic and achievable, unlike what other MMOs are promising their supporters which eventually ends up being cancelled, etc.

    Game play wise? Albion (dev doesnt like comparing this game to its competitors) is comparable to this game, but this game has a much better sense of progress and thwarts it against 'zerging' guilds.

    Theres no other MMORPG that seems promising atm as this genre has generally took a downturn.

    Thats what makes it worth it for me, you might not think that it's worth it based on my definition, so whats your definition of worth it so we can give you better information?

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    @AEllipsis It has a very solid foundation. The engine looks and feels good, the framework sounds promising, playing it "feels good", the devs have a clear and interesting vision.

    But we're still a few years away from being able to judge what "endgame" will be like.

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    @AEllipsis i play since Pre, and yes, in my opinion it is worth it.
    But my opinion about its worth was already settled at the point i found the game, when we just had 2 or 3 Spotlights available and i was just falling in love with it because of its design idea.

    Also they showed during all the tests a good progress and some amazing look and feel even in small things, they created.
    So yeah, i still say, it is worth.
    And as i got the Devs known over the time, i'm also telling everyone it is worth to support this small Studio.

    But i can't know if it will be worth for you, since i do not know, whats your preferences.
    You need to decide for yourself, if the game idea is something you like and if you could not play during Open Play Test, maybe the Footages/Streams made by others shows you something that you would like to play.


    Yes it is


    Feel free to trade your soul for it. It is definitely worth it.


    one word : YES


    @PricelessShingle54 two words:

    HELLZ YES! 😅

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