What guild joining restrictions are there?

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    Can a guild created by a Demon player invite Beastmen and Humans?

    Is the alignment of the founding player determining what kind of players you can invite? For instance if an Evil aligned player creates a guild can he invite good players to the guild?


    Unfortunately, a guild created by a beastman cannot have mon beastmen members on the fractured foundation. I am hoping this will change in the future and in game but I myself am not too sure.

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    @WhoAteTheCat That's a bummer. But in this case I speaking more of in-game guild joining limitations.

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    We already have confirmation from Dynamight that the currect guild rectrictions on the Foundation are merely there because of how it worked ever sinse pre-alpha. They've stated that guild will be multi-racial in-game and we won't have such restrictions there.

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    @humerus Yup! The Foundation limitations do not represent the limitations the game will have.

    So multi-racial guilds in game. Awesome.

    Does alignment impact who can join? An evil guild can only have evil players for instance?


    In the design journals it says that alignment affects what towns your character can enter depending on the alignment of the town, but I'm not sure about guild alignment vs individual alignment. Maybe a guild-owned town would just follow the alignment of the governor or the guild leader?

    Since individual alignments can change based on player actions, what happens if there are players with opposite alignments in the same guild? Or maybe that is impossible somehow? Or are guilds even going to be affected by alignments?


    Guild limitations aren't hard defined yet, so you can still expect anything.

    One ide was limiting guild on same race, one idea was limiting guild on same alignment.

    Personally, I would love guilds without joining limitation (other than possibly member amount) because it promotes sandbox game stye the best, and opens up possibility for trans-planet societies.


    The alignment part will not work because it can change. I am not sure where I stand with that race locked guilds, perhaps I am fine with both options... Anyhow, even the ingame guilds would be race locked, nothing stops guilds to be multi-race communities and just create separated sub-guilds into the game. Therefore, the race lock can be bypassed very easily so perhaps the locking is vain in the first place.

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