To learn new skills and have character progress, do I have to travel the world and kill creatures? Progress on strong creatures is 3-5%, which means that to learn one strong skill I have to be in the game for weeks... It is absolutely too slow with this respawn what we have now. The beginning of the game is very pleasant, but after a while it gets boring, because the world is not varied enough to make traveling and killing the same creatures fascinating. I know that this is an early stage of production and the game will be more elaborate, but at the moment after a few hours either we have nothing to do or we do the same thinks for many hours to have some visible progress. I hope that this will change a bit in the future. At this point, there is not a very clear goal in the game to do anything, I completely do not feel that the game has something to offer over time. This is just my opinion.


    @Queskel said in Progress:

    do I have to travel the world and kill creatures?


    the game is in alpha. it isn't complete. this isn't a 'completed game but we'll advertise it as early access', but a real true alpha.

    this post feels more like alpha feedback, i'd suggest asking a mod to move it to the alpha section.


    really ithough it takes an average of like an hour or two too get skills ?


    @dj35 depends on how you're doing it, alone it can take a while, in grps (no ig grps yet sadly) you can get a bunch pretty quick (like 1-3hrs)


    @Shivashanti You're right, the problem is you can't create a group yet. In the full game it will probably all be much faster 🙂

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