[Alpha2-1] Background Selection doesn't show properly


    In the launcherw while Character Creating the elements of the Background Selection are not complete visible, because of floating out of the window.


    First i thought it is because of the resulution of client, but i figured, i can't set the launchers size 😉


    Yep, I'm having this issue as well. (Practically, it means I can't set attributes.)


    I tried creating a temporary toon and setting resolution size and fullscreen inside game, and then relaunching. That did make the launcher fullscreen, but the attributes are still truncated, and I can't lower any, so I'm stuck with defaults.

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    @Kralith @Roccandil what's the resolution of your screen and/or the resolution you had the client at when not full screen?


    @Prometheus my screen resolution is 2560x1440, the Login/Character Window is windowed, i am not sure which resolution, but i guess it is 1920x1200.
    After the game starts, the size change to Fullscreen.


    I was today reinstalling some stuff, because i am fighting with OBS and capturing Fractured for some more clear Bug Reports 😉
    I was also cleaning out the Appdata directories for Fratured.

    When i am starting Fractured now, it launchs directly in Fullscreen, even the Login-Screen. All UI Elements of the Charactercreation are fully visible in Fullscreen.

    As reported above, the Login/Character-Screen started before windowed and switched to fullscreen after Gameworld was loaded.
    I guess some old settings (settings.cfg see below) i had carried over from past test phases made it start in Windowed Mode.
    I made some testing of Resolution setting to reproduce the behaviour.
    But even if i switch from Windowed to Fullscreen and back, the Login-Screen has same resolution that i was setting up ingame.

    I checked the Login-Screen resolution at 1920x1200 windowed.
    The UI does not scale properly. I did not even noticed before (because i forgot about this) that the "Exit" and "Mute" Buttons are not visible:


    Previous settings.cfg who caused the permanent windowed mode for Loginscreen:

    Email = ...
    Password = 
    Quality = 3
    AdvancedMonitorSettings = True
    AdvancedQualitySettings = False
    FramerateCap = 120
    Antialiasing = True
    LightBlooms = True
    AmbientOcclusion = True
    VSync = True
    HighQualityParticles = True
    RealtimeReflections = True
    AmbientWind = True
    WorldDecorations = True
    TextureQuality = 3
    ShadowQuality = 4
    EffectsQuality = 3
    MasterVolume = 50
    MusicVolume = 0
    AmbientSoundsVolume = 60
    SoundEffectsVolume = 70


    Encountered this bug, on a fresh install. The bug is a mix of both client and monitor resolution. The resolution for the problematic computer was a custom resolution of 1680 x 1050p. Changing the monitor's resolution to 1600x900 completely solved the issue.

    This bug influenced both the login screen, character select screen, and character creation.

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