Mob Leash questions.

  • Will you be able to gather lots of mobs up and run them around, or will mobs have a short leash and run back to their spawn points?


    @bazzle In some video we were shown a map on the server, which was divided into zones. Thus, roughly speaking, limiting the amount of spawn in each zone. On account of the Agra of the crowd nothing is clear.


    I'd say nothing is clear or even fixed at at this point in development. If something doesn't work out it is still enough time to change it. That said, my humble assumption is a rather short leash, since 'knowledge' is the main indicator of what be 'leveling up' in other games. And you could abuse luring creatures to single them out for easy gain of knowledge points.


    Yeah it is too early to tell how it will end up.

    I would personally prefer moderate leashing, but with creatures being challenging enough to kill you if you pull many of them.

    You should be able to pull, but not to kill a whole bunch of them at once.


    @bazzle As the others said, it is too early to clear up fighting system when not even the Alpha 1 is started.
    If i look at the whole concept of Fractured, it would not make sense to implement a masspull and kill possibility in the game.
    It should be always a kind of challenge to go out and explore, hunt or gather.
    Indeed it would be nice if you can pull many of them, but then you should be also dead, dead, totally dead 😉

  • I hope it's dependent on the type of mob and maybe different situations. Mobs guarding something might have a short leash to stay close to whatever they're guarding, others might leash (or not leash) when certain conditions are met (like lack of visibility, haven't been able to land a hit in X amount of time, has taken too much damage, etc) but otherwise have an extremely long or even no leash.

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