Anyone into Ashes of Creation?


    I backed those guys quite a while ago. I had some high hopes for them... but damn. They have been messing up... they dumped the core audience for a Battle Royal'e game, monetized it and called it a beta to test a pre-alpha. ????? WTF? Okay.... and now they are going to make a castle siege game and monetize that for good measure. Man I just heard a toilet flush and watched my pledge disappear. I guess I am on a kicstarter loosing streak.


    @mazikar I completely forgot about that game, I remember looking it up last year but the pledge was a bit 2 high for me.

    Just went to their website I guess the Battle Royale is the Apocalipse thingy huh?


    Ashes of Creation and Shards online are basically the last drops into the bucket of Kickstarter/Early Access games. They are also the very reason why I was hesitant to make a pledge for Fractured or even get really interested in it, although it looked amazing, but in the end gave it a chance.
    But well Ashes of Creation appears to wanna ride on the BR wave and bring more backers to it via this way, but it made me dissappointed and kinda awry about the future of the project - as personally I hate BR games and do not find them fun at all.


    @telmiwhy That is the name they gave it. Apocalypse is what they are marketing separate of the MMORPG. Currently that is the BR game and next a castle siege game. All of them separate games to buy if you are not already a backer and progress there is rewarded with items to use in the MMORPG. Lame.


    Basically a money grab - let's collect a lot of money in order to create MMORPG - oh, wait, BR is on the rise, let's use the systems we have and create BR - players are not that amused about it, although it brought some new along, let's create something they can't complain about; a siege game, everyone loves sieges - and do not forget to postpone the MMORPG because we will have to work on the BR and Siege. So instead of end 2020, we will now have BR end/start 2019/2020, castle siege mid/end 2020 and the MMORPG maybe in 2022, cause it can wait and the BR and Siege games will bring us more money... Oh, maybe we will just not create MMORPG in the end cause why when the BR and Siege will make us enough money? 👌

  • I was ok with their BR mode until i heard about a Cash Shop for it that was working better that their site. That is a bit fucked up, they really want a piece of 🍰 of Fortnite, is not only a mode to test the combat..


    @00 How can a BR test help with RPG battle testing? Combat systems in these two are completely different as in - you do not balance RPG around 1v1 combat as, as long as you have classes and roles, is never going to really work if you do not just take all of the fance stuff away from everyone and have everything the same, just in different colours and with different effects. RPG will always be balanced about group PvP with roles being in mind - there are no roles in BR, just a kill-them-all-as-fast-as-possible approach 🐕


    @mazikar (About Ashes of Creation, and dev studio involved with it)

    I saw those devs for what they were a long ago, when I noticed at first how they lie to players (or more precisely, conveniently avoid to tell the truth on many occasions).

    AoC was designed as combination of PvE and consensual PvP game, where non consensual PvP was designed with mechanics to be a subject to "over the top" super harsh punishment.

    (getting your hard obtained gear completely destroyed, loosing your characters stats basically becoming useless, and not even being allowed to defend yourself afterwards when you are "red" because even defending yourself from attackers then would get you lose more of your character stats)

    Basically any attack on a player that chose to not defend himself would horribly screw your character over.

    And devs even called Ashes a PvX game with a focus on PvP (lol). They smartly avoided to tell what the game really is, and used false marketing on many occasions, in attempt to draw as much as possible of PvP crowd into game for more cash influx. They used false marketing for the game on many occasions.

    At that point I decided to leave and not look back.

    Of course their forums were full of "special players" that liked this sort of thing, and white knighted those devs all over the media, not caring that devs lie to PvP player base false marketing PvP aspect of the game, because those players were interested in PvE only anyway, and liked mechanics that would screw PvPers over.

    This is why Ashes was appeared to be so hyped. PvE players hyped it while all the real PvPers left and avoided Ashes in a large circle. 90% of comments about the game in the media were made by such PvE players.

    So Ashes ended up (falsely) promoted as game with large focus on PvP stuff (sieges etc) but it was bound to be a game played by 90% of PvE population, that will not care much about PvP aspects. Now I'm, not a prophet or a future teller, but in my personal opinion I see this as a fail, and I saw those devs as dishonest in their actions, and this was enough for me to leave.

    So, I'm not following Ashes anymore, but if you are saying that things don't look so bright there, I can only say that I'm not surprised.


    The main problem with them now is the fact that they JUST hired a public relations person. They have seriously upset their core supporters, their Battle Royale' game is in poor form and of course full of bugs and issues. They of course say that they are using this to get the mechanics and balance ironed out.... but I do not want a twitch based button mash game that was balanced with a BR game. MMORPGs should be more about group tactics than every person going keyboard ballistic, no one wants to get cramps in a raid.

    Now I do not mind being a bit more involved with attacks and having a skill based system for combat. The problem lies in how they intend on getting what they learn into the game we backed. I just do not see it helping at this point. If you did try the game you would understand. It neither fits the BR game or a MMORPG. I guess with refinement they could get it to work out in one way or the other but the half and half is bad for both.

    They have a long way to go to repair the damage they have done to the community. They say that the forums are down due to "issues" but we all know it is because they do not want people talking about what is going on and scaring off potential spenders. For a game that supposedly was funded before it was put on kickstarter they sure do look greedy as hell right now. I fear that the community that grew with the game has become fractured and will likely chew itself up shortly after the forums are given back to the community.... either that or they will moderate the hell out of them banning or silencing all but the white knights.

    Reddit is currently the only place to voice an opinion, discord is a crapbag... imagine that... and now even reddit is being moderated by AOC so I expect that they will start to clean up those posts as well.

    The world has not ended for Ashes of Creation but it is in serious doubt, and for me... I do not trust the developers, I do not believe they will make the game they pitched. We shall see. It could be disastrous communication mistakes... or full on deception, time will tell.


    @Mazikar I, myself promoted AoC and tried to bring my friends to it, now I am just glad they came to the same conclusion and gave up on the game, as for me, unfortunately, I backed it back then when it was getting crowdfunded on KS ☹


    you think ashes of creation is bad? I was suckered into funding Chronicles of Elyria KS... they just keep shitting on us time after time... atleast Ashes has SOMETHING to show for it COE has nothing other than some long ass dev diaries, and "interesting" news and they finally got to map selection TWO fucking years after the game was supposed to be released they have FINALLY started creating their world map...


    Will have to give a go


    @Althalus I backed that one on the lowest early bird tier on Kickstarter to get a single spark. For some reason I was thinking that the project looked cool but seemed strange, some of what they were saying just seemed out of place. I think what they will end up with should be interesting but ultimately not all that fun. I am putting Ashes of Creation in that same basket. We will just have to wait and see I guess. I also Backed Crow Fall. That game isn't half bad, haven't played the most recent builds but gave it a shot a couple months ago. Nothing exciting but not a bad start. Late... as normal in Kickstarters.


    @Althalus well I have not said that it is the only bad game, as of late the gaming industry went the quantity over quality highway and it appears even Indie companies are getting there, which is sad. It was usually the way, that you had AAA games, which you had to wait couple years to get a really well made game or some B-titles which were more or less just a copy-paste of their AAA counterparts with everything worse, nothing new. and then indie titles which were ranging from games indeed terrible and some that could even outshine the AAA titles - not because of graphics or whatever - but because of their ideas, systems, story-telling, etc.
    But the topic here was Ashes of Creation, so I sticked to the topic, but only time will show whether some crowd-funded project will outshine them all - nowadays is a really good time considering how much the AAA companies are failing to deliver and keep their promises.


    @Mazikar This is somewhat analogous to what Stunlock did with Battlerite and Battlerite Royal. It seems as though many developers are trying the same monetization scheme.


    CoE is even worse then AoC, lol. I followed it on start, but when I saw P2W aspects of the game I went as far away from it as possible. I had quite an arguments with white knights in their forums, I told them what will happen, but hey, to each his own. 😉


    @Mazikar For me Ashes Of Creation was never a point to go in, since i saw, the guy who made it did into snowball systems and started to do the same with the game. As more people you get in, as more benefits you get.
    I don't like such Systems.
    Beside this it they earned much money by kickstarter and to guy who made it also has much own money. I don't know why, but it is somehow suspect and the game was going weird paths in the past 2 years.
    In result, Ashes of Creation is nothing that got me.

  • With all the pledges at a lot of different games i made and that went wrong i should have become more mature till now ... well guess what didnt work after seing this title and being overly hyped ^^. The only thing i can hope for is that they stick to what they tell and dont go offroad as did Ashes and so many other games.

    I dont know if "in the good old days" it was all better but i have the feeling that at the moment you cant trust anyone anymore and that everything is so monetised ... Making a game for the audience sake seems to not matter anymore... cash is everything... (dont get me wrong ofc its important but dont exagerate)
    I know this feels like off topic now but look at blizz and how everything goes wrong. Be it ashes or other games it often comes to be the same with all of em, once they see that they can make money through early access they begin to rip you off...
    I hope this game will be different it all sounds very promising, please dont let us down 🙂


    There have been a couple gems in kickstarter but the vast majority of games have been near complete failures, and those that have not been were released cheaper than the lowest kickstarter pledge. Star Citizen still holds out some hope but it falls in as the leader in the delayed category. Some of the worst offenders... I was lucky not to be part of. My biggest kickstarter pledge was Ashes of Creation, and I thought I could make it up with referrals as they paid 10% but... well... I was at $920 in commissions just before they launched the new web site and now... well now they say none of my referrals bought anything, even though I have a couple friends that bought several packages after the kickstarter. Now I sit at $0. I also went from having 120+ referrals to 21.

    I have been burned by several games, not as badly as others but a burn is a burn. The worst offenders had the greatest potentials. I also found that "so and so from way back in the day that made awesome game XXXXXX" have all been massive failures. They haven't made games in years and it shows. Programming is different now.

    Kickstarter will be one of the great cautionary tails. There will be some winners but for the most part its never a good idea to buy something that may or may not be made or be made how they said it would be. Fractured looked to be a no brainer win, who would have thought Unity would go ballistic and cancel their engine on online gaming? Of course it was resolved but for how long? What was learned in this interaction? Meh.


    @Mazikar said in Anyone into Ashes of Creation?:

    I backed those guys quite a while ago. I had some high hopes for them... but damn. They have been messing up... they dumped the core audience for a Battle Royal'e game, monetized it and called it a beta to test a pre-alpha. ????? WTF? Okay.... and now they are going to make a castle siege game and monetize that for good measure. Man I just heard a toilet flush and watched my pledge disappear. I guess I am on a kicstarter loosing streak.

    Ask for you money back. Especially if you are an EU citizen you have good chances at receiving your money back. Don't involve them (the studio). Ask at your bank and tell them that you bought A (an MMO) and you are having B (a BR game).

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