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    Ya hello everybody,

    Is there any info on the game be playable with a controller and not only mouse+keyboard?

    I ask this question because i do believe this game has potential to be played with a controller (with what i've seen with gameplay footage) as it share some similarities with a game i've played a while ago (Tree of Savior for thoses who know this game).

    I'll see during alpha if controllers is worth using as a way of playing the game.


    I couldn't find "controller", "pad" or "gamepad" in the compilation thread, so probably there hasn't been any info on this topic yet.


    I don't think there will be a Controller integration for now.
    The game is made with Mousecontrol.
    Prometheus answered some questions about in "Why will the control be based on a mouse?"

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    I'll still see during alpha the viability of playing with controllers. It much depends of settings and stuffs.

    And yeah he said that controllers might get a disavantage but that's only speech cuz clearly i've seen some games that is viable to play with controllers withtout disavantage. Also putting this possibility for casual players is still worth imo.



    It's likely there will not be official gamepad support as I believe it is a point and click scenario.

    However, you may be interested in using Re-WASD. It's a pretty great piece of software that allows you to re-map everything on a controller to mouse and keyboard inputs. (Even the paddles on an Elite controller).

    I imagine the control scheme for Fractured will be pretty similar to PoE (which claims to be controller-unfriendly). I play PoE every now and then with a controller. It's not as efficient as M/kb... but it works. However, I am of the mind that a controller will be more adaptive to Fractured than PoE due to the ability to "click and hold" for movement.

    What can I say, I like lounging away on my couch 😜


    steam controller might be useful, although i'm not sure how movement will work without WASD.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL


    What can I say, I like lounging away on my couch 😜

    That's one of the reasons to have an alternative option, it's when you chill doing your stuff.

    Also game controller people tend to stick on this option whatever it's friendly or not due to them adapted on thoses inconfort and managin a way to be efficient on a setup. It's like playing smash bros ultimate with switch controllers when gamecube controller is way more efficient but you adapted and still play as good as a gamecube controller.

    Anyway, first we need to see how game mechanics works and how mouse+keyboard setup is managed. Then ill try + find good setup for game controller if it's worth it.

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