Will it be possible to create secret guilds or organizations


    which means you can join while you are in another guild. But it should be harder than creating a normal guild


    Don‘t think such thing is on their plan for Fractured, but it would be a nice idea to have a secret society. Like to join a special school of magic, where knowledge just can be shared between member of this society.
    But i think it is very hard to implement, since most people would be just share their infos through internet and such kind of secret seciety would take a good amount of Dev-Driven effort to hold it secret.
    It can be done in small nieche games, but i hope Dynamight aims more publicity than just being nieche game. 😉


    You don't need game help to create a secret society. The point of secret society is that there is no visible markers that you belong to one, only members know each other and work together toward some agenda.

    So use discord, have closed channels and invite people to there to communicate.

    There you go, you have a full fledged secret society.


    Hi @memokal , like @Gothix say it's not necessary to have an implement version about it.
    But it's an idea interesting and i'll temper @Gothix answer (it's like family member system of ArcheAge)

    It's more or less like an intern guild system, with little dev effort It could be something like this ( it's a 2-3 system tables and a interacting window ingame):
    => Table SecretHouse (Id, name, comment, create date, id tchat canal)
    => Table MemberSecretHouse (Id, id player, id SecretHouse, role on SecretHouse, title)
    => Table ExchangeSecretHouse (Id post, title, numberreply, Id SecretHouse, id player, message,...) optional

    1 - A player could create some "SecretHouse" (ex: Galvanos followers)
    2 - He could manage who is in by write it in the "SecretHouse" section.
    3 - A tchat could be open on the "SecretHouse"
    4 - A mini-exchange text post system ingame (optional) (because is data consuming)

    This system could also permit some :

    • alliance-system ingame (managed by guild masters)
    • city-ingame tchat (managed by the city for city's citizen)
    • religion system (one by religion)
    • ...

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