An idea for a Wolf Support/Druid character from a new member in the community and an avid wolf lover.



    Hello everyone!

    I'm a new member in the community and my introduction can be found in here: as well as in the Polish area of the forums.

    I'd like to present you some basic ideas for a character I'd like to try to create. As an avid wolf lover the choice it's pretty obvious- I will go with Udoadra from the Wolf-Kin. Just by reading the description of the race I already have a clear picture in my mind of what I'd like my character to be like.

    I would like to play a wolf druid, mostly focused on a support role. I imagine I would be able to have some ally creatures/animals when in battle, perhaps summoning or simply controlling them and then enhancing using various magical buffs on them. Same goes with other allies- players. I imagine staying in the back during the fights, possibly healing them, applying buffs as well as some crowd control spells to help.

    Other interesting aspect that I am considering would be focusing more on illusion magic to focus on controlling multiple creatures to fight for me, buffing them and sending them against my enemies while I stay in the back.

    So far it's hard to think of any smaller details as not much is known about skills and various other details but I do think that the playstyle I want to go with will be at least somewhat possible to achieve.

    Tell me your thoughts, please. Any wolf lovers in here who want to share the love for those beautiful animals? :3

    See you all during the Alpha Stage!


    We don’t have classes. You are what your skills/spells are.

    So pick the wild-kin and learn the skills that’d mimic a Druid.


    And if you are looking for a guild, I recommend the guild, Elusive. We have a bunch of supportive people, and we’re #5 on the leaderboard.

    We also have 2 High Druids and the Soul of Arboreus.


    Hum @TinyPaws, welcome !

    I looked the stat and listed the school/skill in the #4 to try your idea...

    First of all, if you want to play a wolf-kin, do it... my vision is : if a player want to play something he need to do it and have pleasure with it's own vision.
    Second, what i say below is only to give you some information to build your own concept, not to refrain you 🙂

    So... i listed the skill's family/scholl you want to use

    • Alteration need intelligence
    • Enchanting need intelligence
    • Restoration need intelligence
    • Abjuration need intelligence
    • Illusionism need intelligence & charisma.

    And the wolf-kin is limited on Intelligence (-2 on the stat cap) so the max you could have is 16 (not a natural stat to 18) so you'll have a support class at not max stat at first glance... but you could have a +2 on a stat if you have a full talent tree based on intelligence, so you could have, perhaps, a 18.

    In other case, you need to keep up on solo battle, so check Warfare skills, for a druid it would be interesting. Or else martial art but Warfare with charisma is a good choice I think.

    • Warfare need Strength, Constitution and Charisma
    • Martial art need Dexterity and Strength

    So here my stat proposition, free to you to reflect on it ^^
    14 STR
    10 DEX
    16 INT (18 with +2 bonus talent tree)
    14 CON
    10 PER
    19 CHA (21 with +2 bonus talent tree)



    you forgot the "subject to change as the game is in pre-alpha".


    yeah but it's based on spotlight so right now is more possible ^^


    until they really start to balance stats and attributes.


    To add to what Gofrit said, Conjuration is also charisma or intelligence based, and is used to summon creatures. So, what you could do is summon a wolf, so you have something to buff when out of party, use illusions to bolster your party, along with warfare's morale buffs, and pack out a restoration and/or abjuration, to round out the buffs, and maybe a necromatic or rogue poison to bolster your warfare attack. Leaves 1 or 2 skills to round yourself out for a general build.

    I'd disagree about going strength over perception, but that's more taste, and what your final attack choice is. Strength will let you carry more though.

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    Hi TinyPaws! I also love wolves. The devs seem to be envisioning the wolf-kin as beastmen that hunt best in packs. Here is the description in the spotlight:

    Also known as Wolf-Kin, the Udoadra are regarded as the most social and friendly family among all beastmen. While not larger than a human, they are considerably stronger and more resilient.

    Udoadra’s true excellence lies in coordinated group fighting, as they are the keepers of ancient secrets that allow them to increase the power of their pack. A group of Udoadra is truly an unstoppable force of nature! Moreover, their social skills and attachment to other living being make them unparalleled animal trainers.

    When transformed into their primal form, the wolf, the Udoadra gain speed and additional pack bonuses, unlocking abilities designed to empower allies and to cooperatively damage or restrain even the most powerful opponents.

    So it sounds like the race itself will have some ability to empower allies, attack cooperatively and use some type of crowd control. That being said, your vision of using skill buffs on top of that sounds really interesting.


    Thank you all for the participation in this topic ^^

    So far it was basically just an idea for a character. I am aware there are no "classes" and that our choices will determine what approach we gonna take. That's why I haven't really focused that much on attributes yet- most likely a subject to change + we don't know that much yet.

    Glad to see people engaging in disscussions on these forums.


    @tinypaws said in An idea for a Wolf Support/Druid character from a new member in the community and an avid wolf lover.:

    Glad to see people engaging in disscussions on these forums.

    You're welcome 🙂 feel free to ask, some of us will know more with the prealpha test and like Jetah say "all is subject to change" but personally I don't think drastically because the system abilities/skills/talent is the core system.
    Read, Test, and Play like you want !

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